Sadio Mané plays in the mud, in the rain in his village and moves the web (Video)

After spending 6 years with the Reds of Liverpool, Sadio Mane, the Senegalese international is about to take a new step in his career. Indeed, various media sources announce the player of 30 years with Bayern Munich. Everything would be settled and the native of Bambali is on track to put on the jersey of … Read more

Lanfrey, where is it? People of Lanfrey, our village is in danger! – The Omnibus

Lanfrey where is it People of Lanfrey our village is

This is how the syndic of this village could have expressed himself at the beginning of the 16th century. This is also how Fabrice De Icco could have started his presentation this Saturday morning on the Place du Bourg de Romainmôtier. In any case, it was through the development company that organized the event that … Read more

One village, two murders in one week: witchcraft and madness in Khmer country

In the same village two unrelated murders were committed in the same week. A trip to the Khmer countryside where superstitions are still very much alive and where the mad do not receive all the assistance they need Deadly Witch Hunt Two individuals, ages 15 and 24, were charged Monday night with aggravated violence against … Read more