Santa Claus in the collective imagination: between profane and sacred

Santa Claus in the collective imagination between profane and sacred

For the idea of ​​a sacred Santa Claus to survive in the minds of children, we must count on the complicity and solidarity of all adults, whether at home, at school, in the media, in shops or in works of popular culture. (Shutterstock) Should we let our children believe in Santa Claus or would it … Read more

Argentina: scenes of collective madness after the discovery of tens of thousands of dollars in a dump

Riccardo Muti explains why the opera must assume its history

This story is so crazy that you wonder if it’s really real. We are in Las Parejas, 500 km north of Buenos Aires, a small town of 17,000 inhabitants. A few days ago, like every day, the employees of the waste disposal center moved the rubbish with a backhoe and lifted a cupboard. Surprise: they … Read more

La dimension collective du mal à travers l’histoire sous la forme d’un empire ou d’une dictature

La dimension collective du mal a travers lhistoire sous la

S’il faut croire la Bible, l’homme a confronté le mal depuis sa genèse. Mais le réveil de la conscience de se voir approprier la nature du mal a dû attendre l’ère chrétienne pour découvrir ses attributs et apprécier ses risques. Le mal n’a pas vu pour autant son activité s’amenuiser. Ses différentes facettes, depuis l’acte … Read more

The Exponentielles collective presents “A Sacred Africa”: Women, shellfish and ecological prospective – Lequotidien – Journal d’information Générale

It is exhibited a few meters from the Henriette Bathily Women’s Museum. “A Sacred Africa”, by the Exponentielles collective, is not limited to being a replica of the black continent with material from the sea. It reads like an ecological metaphor. It is intended to be the first step towards a museum dedicated to shellfish. … Read more