ODEN: connect to the power of local plants with these French vegetable oils

What if your cosmetics were made from natural ingredients sourced in France? In 2016, Marion Weber decided to create ODEN, a brand of vegetable oils thoughts for all skin types. His particuliarity ? All the plants used are grown locally by passionate and identifiable French producers. Enough to guarantee superior quality while reducing the environmental impact linked to transport. Marion tells us more about her brand which wants to take care of you and reconnect you to the power of the plants around you. Discovery!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Marion Weber, I am 32 years old, I have just become a mother and I am the founder of the ODEN brand. I created this company to address the lack of transparency and traceability in the cosmetics industry.

Can you introduce us ODEN ?

In 2016, I realized that no cosmetic brand used local ingredients in their products. However, France is full of interesting plants for health and beauty. So I started a farmers’ tour of France, in order to create a range of cosmetics with 100% local ingredients. ODEN is therefore a minimalist and local cosmetics brand. We source our ingredients directly from 30 French farmers.

We create French vegetable oils, suitable for all skin types. French hazelnut oil for oily skin, French plum oil for dry skin, French borage oil for mature skin. You will inevitably find a quality oil that suits you!

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

Today, too many ingredients are imported from all over the world. You have no traceability on these ingredients: you don’t know where, when or how these plants were grown. In the end, your cream, which contains around twenty ingredients imported from all over the world, has a high environmental impact. Local cosmetics is:

  • Full traceability on ingredients
  • Fresh ingredients rich in active ingredients for your skin
  • Diversification of French agriculture good for biodiversity
  • Work for our passionate farmers
  • A controlled environmental impact because no ingredients are imported!
Picture: © ODEN

What message do you want to convey through ODEN?

Skip to French vegetable oils for your skin!

  • It’s better for your skin: vegetable oils contain vitamins that disappear during storage and transport.
  • You control your environmental impact: nothing is imported, everything is grown and processed in France.
  • You bring to life the local fabric and passionate French farmers.

Want to test the power of French plants on your skin ? Meeting on Oden’s website to discover the different vegetable oils of the brand !

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ODEN: connect to the power of local plants with these French vegetable oils

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