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Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is packed with variations of powerful Marvel characters. They include some of Marvel Comics’ most powerful superheroes, introducing and in some cases picking up characters from earlier movies and shows like the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Some variants display more power than others, and one in particular ranks as arguably the most powerful character in the MCU.

The debate over the most potent variants of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness manifests itself in the MCU’s biggest and bloodiest battle to date. The Scarlet Witch takes on the Illuminati council in an all-or-nothing display of her extraordinary power, settling the debate for many about her place among the other Avengers.

Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo rules as the Sorcerer Supreme on Earth-838 after the death of Doctor Strange. Although he has enough power to serve on the council of the Illuminati, he does not display the degree of sorcery that fans might expect, making it difficult to gauge his power.

However, this Mordo probably has a lot more knowledge of the multiverse and mystical power than his 616 counterpart. Mordo ranks among the most powerful Doctor Strange villains in Marvel Comics and it looks like this trend will continue throughout the MCU multiverse. .

Captain Carter

Captain Carter displays all the superhuman strength, agility, and stamina that she What if..? version does. With her vibranium shield and advanced jetpack, she proved to be a powerful member of the Illuminati – at least until Wanda Maximoff showed up.

The Scarlet Witch brutally dispatches Captain Carter with her own shield, proving that Wanda’s magic far exceeds Peggy’s maximum human power. Even so, Earth-838 Captain Carter is still one of the most important versions of Captain America.

Reed Richards

Reed Richards brings extraordinary intelligence to his role as founder of the Baxter Foundation and the Fantastic Four. His ability to stretch his body allows him a physical dexterity that few can rival. It also addresses issues with thinking and caring.

Unfortunately, none of these attributes deterred the Scarlet Witch from the film. She used her magic to stretch Reed Richards and ultimately kill him in a gruesome moment that proved a shocking end to the MCU debut of a massive Marvel Comics icon.

Professor X

Professor X possesses the greatest telepathic mind in comics, using his gift to find other mutants and help them. He uses his power to try to help Wanda and succeeds in reaching a deep and painful part of Wanda’s memory. Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

Wanda snaps Professor X’s neck in a shocking moment. Her power to protect her mind proves useless against her raw magical power. Professor X tried to reason the same way with Wanda in House of M but also failed to dissuade her in this historical comic scenario.

black bolt

Black Bolt is among the most powerful Inhumans in Marvel Comics and that power extends to the Earth-838 variant. This Black Bolt destroyed the Uncanny Supreme of his universe with his voice, amplified by the tuning fork on his forehead.

His power creates massive destructive sonic blasts, but he never gets the chance to use it against the Scarlet Witch. She magically clears her mouth and her scream bursts into her mouth and head in the film’s most shocking moment.

Captain Marvel

The Earth-838 Captain Marvel shares all the cosmic power of the 616 version. She generates massive cosmic blasts and shields, allowing her to stay in the fight against the Scarlet Witch longer than her Illuminati counterparts.

Her ability to fly and pass through objects makes no difference when Wanda simply rips Captain Marvel’s power away. Still, Maria Rambeau exhibits enough power to make her a powerful version of Captain Marvel.

strange supreme

Many variations of Doctor Strange exist in the film. Perhaps the Powerful used the Darkhold to defeat Thanos before the Mad Titan could complete the Infinity Gauntlet. The Strange Supreme of Earth-838 possessed extraordinary magical knowledge and power.

He also realized the true threat of his own power. This led the Illuminati council to kill him. Black Bolt used his sonic power to destroy it, and the council then lied and said he died in battle saving the universe from Thanos.

Odd Sinister

The Sinister Strange variant also explored the dark potential of the Darkhold. His knowledge and power caused him to open a third eye. This power in the comics comes from the Eye of Agamotto and grants him incredible magical insight.

He resided in a universe that was collapsing like the What if..? Doctor Strange, and may have been able to stop some of the disintegrations of his reality. However, he proved to be less powerful than the Earth-616 Doctor Strange and died when he fell out of the window.

strange undead

The Undead Strange combines the mystical power of Defender Strange, the variant from the start of the film with Earth-616 Strange’s embrace of the Darkhold. He rises from the dead and also takes control of the spirits of the dead.

He unleashes the power of the Darkhold against Wanda’s demonic minions, but his real power lies in his ability to convince America Chavez of his own power and potential. He lets go of his need to be the hero and achieves true enlightenment.


Wanda Maximoff of Earth-838 becomes Avatar Scarlet Witch 616 and destroys the entire Illuminati council one by one. She defeats Captain Marvel’s cosmic power, Reed Richards’ intellect, and Professor X’s telepathic ability.

In the end, this variant proves to be the most powerful in the film by approaching the Scarlet Witch with empathy and compassion, two things Earth-616 has never allowed itself. Her love and concern for herself is beyond 616 Wanda’s wrath or power.

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