The Woman King: what is this action film about the most famous army of women in the world worth?

Do you really know the Amazons of the ancient kingdom of Dahomey? No matter your answer, you have to watch The Woman King movie.

During the colonial conquestthe French soldiers had to face an atypical army, on their arrival in the former Dahomey : an army composed only of women. Today she remains the most famous women’s army in the world. Even if a few writings recount their feat, none yet manages to truly translate all their power and bravery in battle. It is therefore right that the action movie The Woman King is a must see. It’s about a ode to women warriors.

The Woman King: what is the film about?

Work of the African American Gina Prince BythewoodThe Woman King tells the extraordinary story of Agoodojjiethe unit of women warriors who ensure the security and defense of the kingdom of Danxomèduring years 1800.

In this film, we follow the singular destiny of the General Nanisca which trains new recruits for the protection of the kingdom and also prepares them for battle against a determined enemy kingdom. But while everything is progressing as planned, Nanisca will have to face old demonscloser to her than ever.

Indeed, during her young age, she had been raped by her executioner and conceived a girl, whose days she believed to shorten. Except that this girl lived and became an intemperate young woman. She integrates the generation of new recruits to be trained by the General. Determined and impetuous, Nawi becomes a weakness, but also a new strength for the brave Nanisca.

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The Woman King: what is this action movie interesting to watch?

Based on real facts and produced in partnership with Sony PicturesThe Woman King was released in cinema on September 28, 2022. Despite some initial doubts, the film continues its rise in worldwide box office. Quite simply because it is interesting on many points.

The army of fearsome women

The Woman King allows us to have a new look about the army of these women, other than what the books have told us.

In particular, we could see their physical condition close to, even exceeding, that of a man. The strategic organization well thought out army in combat and the formidable techniques that they employed.

The army of fearsome women

The Woman King, even more than what we read in the books, shows us that these women truly stop at nothing, even if it means giving up their lives. To this end, they showedabove-average bravery and never turned their backs on the enemy. Only the defense of the fatherland matteredeven more than their life.

Moreover, who joined the army, had to give up motherhood.

The Woman King remains an ode to these women warriors, whose fame has traveled the world. They notably inspired the women’s army of King Tchalla in the black panther movie.

The organization of the kingdom of Danxomè

What does not always show through in the books, The Woman King shows us how the kingdom is organized and the place given to female warriors.

The high walls of the palace bear witness to the majesty that surrounds the king by Danxome who is venerated as the father of the people.

The organization of the kingdom of Danxomè

Far from despotism that the books said characterized these monarchs, the film shows that they were rather preoccupied with expansion of their kingdom. For it, King Guezo or Ghézo has surrounded himself with ministers who, let us remember, are not only made up of men.

The king thus provides a budget to his armyputs clothes and weapons at his disposal and follows a well-developed strategy. We can also note the intelligence that characterizes man, whether in trade with slave traders or in the survival of the kingdom.

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Songs of female warriors

Even if we don’t always understand the language usedthe fungbethe songs of warrior women remain quite poetic. The symphony of their voices, the rhythm rising slowly and suddenly, the dance steps performed at concerts contribute to give color to the film.

Songs of female warriors

Well-chosen music and songs thus accompany the actions, rhythm the scenes and reinforce immersion in the world of ancient Dahomey.

interesting characters

Beyond all the story told, we appreciate each character of the film.


It doesn’t take long to fall in love with Izogy (Lashana Lynch), responsible for welcoming the new generation of recruits. His complicity with Nawi and the new Amazons is particularly interesting, since far from being a brute, by virtue of her high rank, the warrior remained friendlythe eldest who showed the way to her followers.



Despite his strong gaze and her size imposing, Amenza (Sheila Atim) does not lack interest. It is to her that Nawi owes her survival. She visibly lacked courage to take the days of the little girl at birth, as her mother had ordered. Besides being a warrior, Amenza had the gift of divination.



For those whom it concerns Nanisca (Viola Davis), although she has a strong stature and the gaze of a roaring liont, ready to pounce on her prey, the General hid under her envelope humanity, love, bravery and above all an intelligence above the average. This is what propels her to rank of Pojitothe female king.


King Guezo

For King Guezo (John Boyega), we already knew all the intelligence that characterizes him, especially in Doguicimi by Paul Hazoume. This film shows it again. Since the intelligent is not always the one who good new ideas come outbut it is also the one who has the ability to listen to others and recognize the wisdom in the words.

The Woman King: when fiction helps restore the truth

”Based on real facts”, could we read at the beginning of the film. However, not all of the story told in said film is actually real. In particular, when Nanisca put forward the idea of suspend the slave trade.

At the time this story took place, the monarch was raised in the rank of divinities. Nobody could therefore upset him to the point of suggesting the idea of ​​giving up. the slave trade who, let us remember, had enriched the kingdom.

In addition to this scene, a few others came from the director’s creative genius. However, far from fraying the true storythese artistic creations set the story in a logical context.

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The Woman King: what is this action film about the most famous army of women in the world worth?

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