How to Finish Drilling Stitches Forever Quickly

Ticuu’s Divination, the seasonal Exotic that joined Destiny 2 with the start of the Season of the Chosen, is having a really good time. The bow rips through enemies turning them into bombs, allowing you to blast them with careful arrow shots that can create massive chain reactions. The arc can be made even better if you complete the objectives on its exotic catalyst. They require you to kill a good number of enemies with Ticuu’s Divination, but if you’re smart about how you use it, you can speed up the catalyst and dramatically increase the bow’s effectiveness.

Here’s what you can expect from Ticuu’s Divination Exotic Catalyst stages and some tips on how to complete them really quickly.

Step 1: Get the Catalyst

To start, you will need Ticuu’s divination. If you pay for the season pass for Season of the Chosen, it will be available in the box for the first tier of the pass. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until level 50 to earn the bow. Once you have it, you can visit Banshee-44 in the tower to pick up the Catalyst quest, Points Piercing Forever. You will only need to pick it up with one character; it will track your progress across your entire account.

Racking up 100 kills with Ticuu’s divination goes pretty quickly; the other requirements for this quest step do not require you to actually kill with the bow.

Step 2: Light the arc

The first step of the Points Piercing Forever quest requires you to complete three objectives:

  • Collect 100 Power Orbs
  • Defeat 50 Guardians
  • Defeat 100 fighters

In this case, however, you don’t need to use Icuu’s divination to accomplish all of these; you don’t even have to equip the bow for progress to count. This means you can knock out objectives very quickly with the right gear.

First, equip a Masterwork primary weapon with which you can easily land multiple attacks against low level enemies. Each time you quickly kill two or more enemies with a masterwork weapon, it will produce an orb of power, meaning you can create a steady stream of orbs for yourself. Dive into playlist activities like Strikes or Gambit and you’ll have a team battle, which you can also add orbs to your total.

For the Guardians defeated requirement, simply jump into a Crucible match. The requirement is very liberal on what counts as a kill and seems to give credit to opponents killed by teammates. This week’s Mayhem playlist is great for racking up a lot of kills really quickly – we achieved that in just two Mayhem matches (while working on a Seasonal Challenge at the same time).

The final requirement, which requires you to kill combatants with the bow, is easy to complete during Battlegrounds activities. Just use Ticuu’s Divination as normal (here’s a quick guide on how to get the most out of Ticuu’s Divination if it’s unclear) and you’ll quickly get all the kills you need for this stage.

The second stage of Points Piercing Forever is the hardest, requiring you to play a lot of activities and take down a lot of Guardians.
The second stage of Points Piercing Forever is the hardest, requiring you to play a lot of activities and take down a lot of Guardians.

Step 3: The Real Grind

The next phase of the Exotic Catalyst quest increases the difficulty a bit. For this phase, you’ll actually need to rack up victories with Ticuu’s Divination – you can’t just add victories to the total you earn by other means, like you would in the Crucible in the last stage.

You will need to integrate Ticuu’s divination into the activities of the playlist: Gambit, Strikes, the Crucible or Nightfall: The Ordeal. There, your job is to use it. Here is the full list of goals:

  • Calibrate 200 data points (generated by completing activities in the playlist)
  • Kill 50 Guardians with Ticuu’s Divination
  • Defeat 100 fighters with Ticuu’s divination

It’s tough, just like the Messy Business quest to earn Salvager’s Salvo. The first requirement, “Calibrate Data,” requires points earned by completing activities in the playlist. You’ll earn more points for wins over losses, and more points for more difficult activities in Nightfall: The Ordeal. In our experience, we earned 4 points for a winning Gambit match and 2 points for losing Gambit and Crucible matches, as well as 2 points for a Nightfall at Hero difficulty.

The Crucible requirement is also tough, as you’ll need to rack up 50 kills with the bow and there’s no real way around it. The good news is that blasting people with Holy Flame blasts can give you chances to kill multiple Guardians with a single attack. The bad news is that you have to get the last hits with the bow, which can be tricky. Typically, you’ll just need to play a fair amount of Crucible to complete this requirement. You’ll have your best chance in matches with lots of opponents; try using Holy Flame blasts to take out multiple Guardians your teammates have already damaged for best results.

The last requirement is the easiest, as you can take out 100 PvE enemies with Ticuu’s Divination relatively quickly. Gambit will work (you’ll be able to take out Guardians with your bow in Gambit matches alongside AI fighters), but you’ll likely do it even faster in Strikes. We completed all the requirements while racing through Sepiks Prime Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike on Hero difficulty.

When you’re finally done with all that grinding, head back to Banshee-44 in the tower to complete the exotic quest and get the catalyst.

Ticuu's Divination takes a while to get used to, but used correctly it is devastating against groups of enemies.
Ticuu’s Divination takes a while to get used to, but used correctly it is devastating against groups of enemies.

What does the Ticuu’s Divination Catalyst do?

Ticuu’s Divination Exotic Catalyst is designed to increase its usefulness when exploding enemies. He gains the Causal Quiver perk, which further enhances the Causal Arrows perk.

Normally, with Ticuu’s Divination, hitting an enemy with a hip shot marks them with the Sacred Flame; hitting that same enemy while aiming down triggers the Causal Arrow, which blasts the enemy with Holy Flame. If you land a precision shot while aiming down sights and hold the arrow long enough to get a perfect charge before firing, your Holy Flame blasts are bigger and do more damage. Exotic Catalyst adds more benefits to this stream.

With Causality Quiver, landing a perfect charge, the Causality Arrow sniping that fires a blast of Holy Flame also increases the damage of everything your Ticuu divination photos for a while. If you hit an enemy with a causal arrow is not branded with the sacred flame, all enemies who are marked get their duration reset. This basically means you can blast enemies with Causal Arrows to increase bow damage, or shoot a non-Holy Flame enemy with a Causal Arrow to extend the timer on any other enemies you need. detonate again. And like with other catalysts, Ticuu’s Divination will also generate Power Orbs whenever you land fast attacks, which should happen pretty much all the time when you trigger explosions.

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How to Finish Drilling Stitches Forever Quickly

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