Solar Revolution: THE astro rendezvous to treat yourself to every birthday

Astrology offers you multiple tools that help you gather information and understand the different challenges and learnings you will face in your life. One of these tools is the Solar Revolution. This technique is one of the most widespread in astrology and it is used with the purpose of knowing the energies that will reign in our life during a complete solar cycle. The calculation will therefore go from a anniversary next.

Birth chart: how to perform this astrological service

The astrologer will look at how the planets are at the exact time of your birthday to determine a new birth chart: that of the year to come.

This theme will last twelve months, and will serve as a guide for you to better understand the challenges that the stars are preparing for you, but also what tools they give you to face them and make the most of this period.

What’s the point of doing your Solar Revolution every year?

The first thing your astrologer will look at during your Solar Return session is your annual rising sign. The energy and themes associated with the sign of the ascendant will mark you with a very dominant vibration during this year and you will also be able to observe the type of learning that is destined for you.

If your Sun Revolution rising sign resonates with the energies of your original birth chart, the year will be quite easy to live with, as it is an energy that you have already integrated before. On the other hand, if the sign is foreign or opposite to you, the year will present the challenge of facing situations with which you are not familiar. The human conscience is often reluctant to what is foreign to it, but with the help of this technique you can prepare yourself mentally to face them.

It is therefore important to know the purpose of experiencing this new energy that enters your life and to incorporate it in the most harmonic possible to get the most out of the same.

What can we see about your coming year on your Solar Return?

On this perishable theme, because its duration is exactly one year, you will also be able to know your emotional predisposition and talents.

Thanks to the position and sign in which is located the moon, this will be revealed to your astrologer who will inform you of the tools you have to manage your spiritual evolution. This light in astrology determines your emotional feelings. Like the ascendant, it will also change on your Solar Return chart, which will give new nuances to your basic emotions.

Ultimately doing this service can be very useful to understand what type of experiences the stars are asking you to go through and to be prepared to live them better and learn from them. The ideal is to do it once a year and thus better understand future events.

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Solar Revolution: THE astro rendezvous to treat yourself to every birthday

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