Avatar 2: The Way of the Water – review of a new revolution

Avatar 2 The Way of the Water – review of

pandora box “Pandora’s greatest danger is falling madly in love with it”. If these words are spoken by Jake Sully in the first seconds ofAvatar 2, difficult not to put them in the mouth of a James Cameron entirely devoted for more than fifteen years to the imaginary planet. Beyond the total control he exercises … Read more

AI: the piano makes its revolution at your fingertips – Challenges

AI the piano makes its revolution at your fingertips

Steinway & Sons offers Silicon Valley services “There is of course a black box, inside the piano, a small computer and a lot of electronic components that process a lot of data”, blows Eric Feidner, the group’s technical director and head of innovation. He is the master craftsman of Spirio, an automatic playing system integrated … Read more

Marc Laurendeau, a Cynic at the Heart of the Quiet Revolution

Marc Laurendeau a Cynic at the Heart of the Quiet

Comedian, then journalist, Marc Laurendeau will have been a privileged witness of the Quiet Revolution, whose heritage he claims loud and clear. An abundant period both in Quebec and abroad that he recounts in a fascinating biography published this week: Marc Laurendeau. From cynical laughter to journalistic gaze. Without exacerbating nostalgia, the author takes a … Read more

The investment charter: an incomplete revolution! – Media24

The investment charter an incomplete revolution Media24

The new Investment Charter presented by Deputy Minister Mohcine Jazouli is a complete break with the 1995 charter. The regions will find in it material to impact the attractiveness of their territories. But it remains hesitant on the incentives for VSMEs and the internationalization of Moroccan companies. 27 years after the promulgation of the 1time … Read more

BALLAST • Iran : « Ce n’est pas un soulèvement que nous vivons mais une révolution »

BALLAST • Iran Ce nest pas un soulevement

11 octobre 2022 Traduction d’un article de Jacobin En Iran, la pro­tes­ta­tion popu­laire se pour­suit depuis près d’un mois — ce sont plus de 100 villes, 60 uni­ver­si­tés et 30 pro­vinces qui se sont levées. Voilà désor­mais que le sec­teur pétro­chi­mique s’y ral­lie. L’organisation HRANA vient d’a­van­cer le chiffre pro­bable de 200 morts et fait … Read more

From when he slept in caves to when he became “the heir to the revolution”: Who is Xi Jinping? – Democrat Blog

From when he slept in caves to when he became

Xi Jinping’s application to join the Chinese Communist Party has been repeatedly rejected. (File) Beijing: When Xi Jinping took power in 2012, some observers predicted that he would be the most liberal Communist Party leader in Chinese history, due to his low profile, family background, and perhaps some degree of misplaced hope. Ten years on, … Read more

Yves Mamou. When “Le Monde” wants us to take the Palestinian Kouachi for the Che Guevara of the revolution – Tribune Juive

Yves Mamou When Le Monde wants us to take the

When Le Monde wants us to take the Palestinian Kouachi for Che Guevaras of the revolutionLyon, October 2015 © KONRAD K./SIPA Report number: 00728859_000019 “Specialist” journalists on the Middle East do not aim to describe reality, but to reinforce a vision of the world that makes jihad a leftist value and Israel a reincarnation of … Read more

Nobel Prize in Physics: what is the second quantum revolution?

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

85 Finally ! The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three pioneers of the second quantum revolution: the Austrian Anton Zeilingerthe American John Clauser and French Alain Aspect, For their “experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell’s inequalities and paving the way for quantum information science”. Each of them, says the press … Read more

Solar Revolution: THE astro rendezvous to treat yourself to every birthday

Astrology offers you multiple tools that help you gather information and understand the different challenges and learnings you will face in your life. One of these tools is the Solar Revolution. This technique is one of the most widespread in astrology and it is used with the purpose of knowing the energies that will reign … Read more