Astro: here is which Tarot card corresponds to your zodiac sign

The tarot of Marseilles is a divinatory art which dates from the Middle Ages. The interpretation of this oracle allows the consultant to clarify questions about his life, thanks to the universal archetypes represented by the mysteries of the game.

The energy of each card is relative to an area of ​​human life such as astrological signs and houses. Find out which Tarot de Marseille card best represents your sign.

Astro: which Tarot de Marseille card corresponds to each astrological sign?

Aries/ The Chariot

This card represents positive momentum, action and moving energy. It is a card that pushes the consultant to take initiatives, to move forward, exactly like the sign of the Ram which is the spark that starts the zodiac. The common currencies between this sign and this card is that the spirit of conquest and risk taking, two principles that often bring more results than immobility.

Taurus/ The Emperor

This card is the fourth arcana of the Tarot de Marseille. On his chest the Emperor has a 4-pointed cross which represents stability. Her crossed legs draw a white square, a symbol of her roots in matter. Like Taurus, this card represents grounding. Its power of concretization lies in the stability and assurance of this mystery. It is a card where the energy is well formed and stable, but not completely at rest. Taurus is the most robust sign of the zodiac and the one that identifies itself the most in matter.

Gemini/ The juggler

The juggler is a magician. A youthful spirit just like the energy of Gemini. This card represents potential and the beginning of something. Like the sign of Gemini, Le Bateleur remains on the surface. He is curious and experiments with his objects on the table.

Cancer/The Moon

The eighteenth blade of the Tarot de Marseille has in common with the sign of the Cancer its dominant, the moon. Just like the sign of Cancer, this card represents the unconscious through water, an element of the sign, and femininity symbolized by the presence of the nocturnal light. Here are also symbolized the darkness of the night and our inner world two of the great areas of secrecy.

Leo / The Sun

Just like in astrology, the Sun of the Tarot represents the world of the conscious. What is clear and concise. Like Leo, this card radiates to affirm that its existence allows life on earth. The Sun is a positive card that supports action and the power of concise action.

Virgin/The High Priestess

A card of wisdom and experience that evokes reserve. The authority of which emanates from his image comes to him from his chastity. As with Virgo, the most cautious sign of the zodiac, none of her actions are thoughtless. This card will tell the consultant to be cautious about their questioning.

Libra/ Temperance

The number fourteen card of the Tarot de Marseille evokes balance. Like Libra, this card is there to balance and harmonize what is out of order. It represents in a print cooperation and the need for consensus with someone else or with oneself. This search for balance is specific to the seventh sign of the zodiac as well.

Scorpio/ The Nameless Arcanum

Arcane number thirteen, which is erroneously called “death”, symbolizes the end of something, to make room for renewal. A radical change must be implemented when this card appears. Like the sign of Scorpio, absolute master of transformation, The Arcanum Without a Name asks us to let die what no longer has any place in our lives and our souls.

Sagittarius/ The Pope

The fifth card of the Tarot de Marseille and the sign of Sagittarius share a common quality: wisdom. Their domain is knowledge and the power to guide through the meaning of their spiritual quest. With this card, the way is sure, like the direction of the arrow of the Centaur which targets the path of his ideals.

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Capricorn/ The Hermit

The Hermit is a card that can be linked to Saturn, ruling planet of the sign of Capricorn. This card represents loneliness and individual journey. Like the solitary goat in his mountain, the Hermit is left to himself and has his thoughts. From a serious and ascetic Natural, this card augurs a need to take a step back on the part of the consultant in relation to the subject of his question.

Aquarius / The Fool

Last card of the Tarot de Marseille, Le Mat, also called “the fool” represents the impulse and the difference. Like Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, this card represents thoughtless and sudden actions. The break with society of this madman who walks with his wandering backpack can symbolize Aquarius’ need to be different and unique. Like a Joker, he flouts convention and prefers to stay out of the system.

Pisces/ Hangman

It indicates a state of reflective shutdown and isolation. He has moved away from the world, but he remains connected to it by the cord which attaches him by the foot. He is in a passive position. This card represents reflection, the opposite of action. Like the sign of Pisces, he is navigating the deep waters of the unconscious, to find the answers to his questions. The twelve house, which corresponds to this sign represents this state of isolation and meditative introspection which returns the card number twelve of the Tarot of Marseilles.

tarot marseilles astro signs

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Astro: here is which Tarot card corresponds to your zodiac sign

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