What gift to give on a birthday according to the astrological sign of the child?

What gift to give on a birthday according to the

All occasions are good to talk about astrology! Especially when she can help us find a gift faster. Here is a short guide to help you find a birthday present for a child more easily, from 6 years old, according to their astrological sign. What gift for a Pisces child? Needless to say, Pisces is … Read more

Lilibet is one year old: the whole royal family wishes Meghan and Harry’s daughter a happy birthday!

Lilibet is one year old the whole royal family wishes

This Saturday, June 4, Lilibet celebrates its one year anniversary. The whole royal family wishes a happy birthday to the daughter of Meghan and Harry. We tell you this in more detail. As Elizabeth II’s Jubilee festivities enter their third day on the London side, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, on a trip to the … Read more

Solar Revolution: THE astro rendezvous to treat yourself to every birthday

Astrology offers you multiple tools that help you gather information and understand the different challenges and learnings you will face in your life. One of these tools is the Solar Revolution. This technique is one of the most widespread in astrology and it is used with the purpose of knowing the energies that will reign … Read more