The Solar Plexus Chakra: Take Care of the Action Dimension

The Solar Plexus Chakra Take Care of the Action Dimension

Business Chakras The size of the action; the place of corporate power Its Sanskrit name is Manipura from the Sanskrit mani meaning “gem” and pura meaning “city”. It can be translated as the “city of jewels”. Symbolically, it can be imagined as the place where the “treasure” is found, the jewel that illuminates its environment … Read more

Partial solar eclipse: how to observe this phenomenon on October 25?

Partial solar eclipse how to observe this phenomenon on October

By Graziella L. Posted Oct 12, 2022 1:16 PM On October 25, 2022 in the morning, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from Europe and therefore France, with part of the Sun obscured by the Moon. How can you observe this incredible phenomenon in complete safety? You will soon be able to observe a … Read more

At the heart of the order of the solar temple: the shocking documentary La Secte is to be seen on Salto

At the heart of the order of the solar temple

As of today, the shocking documentary series “La Secte” is available on Salto. It reveals the sectarian spiral of the order of the solar temple which led to more than 70 people to their deaths in the 90s. So, is it worth a look? WHAT IS IT ABOUT ? 30 years after the affair of … Read more

Solar Revolution: THE astro rendezvous to treat yourself to every birthday

Astrology offers you multiple tools that help you gather information and understand the different challenges and learnings you will face in your life. One of these tools is the Solar Revolution. This technique is one of the most widespread in astrology and it is used with the purpose of knowing the energies that will reign … Read more

New Moon April 30, 2022: Boosted by the Solar Eclipse, Determined Taurus Encourages Us to Push Our Limits

Double dose of cosmic manifestations for this last week of April. Saturday April 30, 2022, we will be entitled to our second new moon of the month – called blue moon – in Taurus. And bonuses, the latter coincides with a partial solar eclipse. A down-to-earth, stable and pragmatic sign, Taurus will guide us towards … Read more