Astro: here are the most popular signs of the zodiac

Each individual has unique personal characteristics that make up their personality. In this field, astrology is unbeatable when it comes to qualifying them, because it can use cosmic energies to explain who you are and how you behave with others. That is why this age-old discipline can also explain what makes a person popular or unpopular among their peers! We explain this in detail here!

Astro: what makes a person popular according to astrology?

Being popular can have its perks. A person who is appreciated by all will always be better welcomed and considered than a complete stranger. In astrology, there are several factors that produce popularity. One of them is the tenth astrological house. This house is that of the social success and having planets like Jupiter and the Sun in this location will give a person a destiny of popularity. Another important factor that gives notoriety is the position of Venus. This planet is the planet of seduction, but also that of attraction. The natives who have Venus in force in their astrological birth chart will see their popularity rating always at the highest!

Horoscope: Which zodiac signs are the most popular of all?

Three zodiac signs are most cheered on when they’re not around. They make waves everywhere they go and aren’t afraid to show their followers their appreciation. Want to know who we’re talking about?


This astrological sign is the most popular of the zodiac and there is no doubt about it! What explains why these natives are so appreciated? Well their astral dominant, the Sun. This star emits light and energy, giving them a very confident aura. They are like the king star, the center of the galaxy, and the soul of all the parties they attend!


This zodiac sign is one that does everything to please everyone, so it’s no surprise that everyone likes them! Their ruling planet, Venusis in constant search of harmony and peace. That’s why they avoid conflicts… And try to smooth things over. An astro sign rather easy to live with and much loved by those around you!


This sign is among the most popular without even trying. Why this ? Their character altruistic and disinterested makes these natives very appreciated beings. They will always be ready to help others when they are in need. It’s a great quality that they don’t calculate themselves, which is why people always want to have them on their side!

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Not everyone wants to be popular!

It’s no wonder that many people don’t want to be liked by the majority. There are people who love their solitude and privacy and will do anything to avoid having to be nice and friendly to the people around them. It is not a question of judging, because each one acts as he hears it and as he likes to live his life. Among the signs that place the least importance on being appreciated, in general, is the astrological sign of Capricorn, but also Aries and Cancer. They will always prefer their intimacy to the abandonment of their convictions!

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Astro: here are the most popular signs of the zodiac

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