Yoga. Near Nogent-le-Rotrou, they are opening a guest house dedicated to well-being

Yoga teachers, Nicolas (right) and Martin have just opened their guest house. ©Valentin MAUDUIT

As soon as you pass the door, a form of zenitude invades you. That’s good, that’s all Martin and Nicolas are looking for when you enter this place. Pure colors, raw materials, and a healthy atmosphere… Largely decorated with paintings by Clarisse Friedman, the artist from Nogent. “We offered him a somewhat special exhibition, because his paintings fit perfectly into the decoration,” explains Martin.

Thirty visits

The two yoga teachers hold there their little cocoon that they have been looking for so much. At the end of 2019, they had blocked two weeks to pick up the nugget. A building without work and large enough to accommodate guests during various wellness courses. “We had acquaintances around Vibraye, Bonnetable… So we were looking in this sector of the Perche, even if at first we were looking more towards Verneuil-sur-Avre. »

But the visits are linked without having the crush.

We thought we wouldn’t find it this time. One thing was certain, it was the geographical area we needed. The people were welcoming, we liked that.

Then, the last chance visit. “I think we must have been around the thirtieth,” smiles Nicolas. Finally, they fall for this family home with sparkling. “We said we didn’t want any work, in the end we did everything again. Floors, paintings, frames, openings…”, list the couple.

The house seen from the outside
The house seen from the outside ©DR

Vegetable garden, seminars…

If they have their own little corner in this cozy nest, it is above all an adventure of sharing. The kitchen is open to everyone, like the dining room… And then, this large room, very empty! “This is where we make our yoga sessions. In the future, it will become the living room again and we will have a separate room outside. »

Projects, the two ex-Parisians are not lacking. Because if the well-being stays are already well launched thanks to their network, other desires remain.

We want to develop a vegetable garden, forge partnerships with well-being actors so that they come to exercise here from time to time, but also welcome companies for team-buildings or reflect on a project while taking the air…

It must be said that their place offers all possible perspectives.

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In high fashion

Yoga teachers, yes, but who are these two men? Martin Krutzki is 50 years old. “I actually celebrated my fiftieth birthday with our first guests here. We had put the announcement in the morning on the sites, we had a reservation for the same evening. I would remember that one. This German native first worked in sewing. “I had left my native country to join the capital of fashion, Paris. »

Passages through the big houses like Yves Saint Laurent, then stop! “I discovered yoga in 2005, I immediately fell in love. Then I went to India for three years to train. Then, I created my Sevam association in Paris. We rent places to give lessons. »

A chef’s kitchen

With this practice, he gave meaning to his life. Much healthier! A virus that he transmitted to Nicolas.

I was in the history of contemporary arts, decoration, the sale of furniture, I was even an upholsterer. Then I met Martin and yoga gave more meaning to my life.

The forty-year-old explains: “We share very beautiful friendly moments, we meet people with very different profiles. »

And friendliness, this place is not lacking. “When we host courses, it’s Nicolas who cooks 100% vegetarian dishes. And we adapt for vegans, depending on allergies. Moreover, we do some cooking workshops during stays. »

When you see the photos, these are dishes worthy of great chefs. “I never really overcooked until I became a vegetarian. It’s a great challenge to make good recipes”, slips the amateur cook.

The kitchen is an important part of the house.
The kitchen is an important part of the house. ©DR

weekend program

How are the internship weekends organised?

For the moment, it is above all the Parisian network of the two professors who take advantage of this haven of peace to disconnect from the tumult of Parisian life.

We usually start on Friday. The days are organized from 7:30 a.m. with meditation, breathing exercises and a fairly educational yoga workshop. We really take our time, it can take three hours. Then we have brunch around 11am. The afternoon is quite free, we can go for a walk, take a nap, read… And we have another yoga class at 4 p.m.

During these courses, Nicolas and Martin can accommodate up to 10 people (they have six bedrooms). Thus, the rooms are no longer open to passing travellers.

The secret room
The secret room ©DR

Some wellness courses are also organized by other teachers in their place. “It’s very hard to find places for that. Sometimes, we even did some internships in Italy. There, we welcome them with pleasure”, underlines Nicolas. Moreover, in November, all weekends are full.

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Yoga. Near Nogent-le-Rotrou, they are opening a guest house dedicated to well-being

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