Dreaming of sleeping with a colleague: what does it mean?

Have you ever dreamed of your work colleague in the privacy of your nights ? Disturbed by why this person is appearing in your sleep, you imagine several explanations for this situation. Especially since you are used to meeting the main character of this dream in a completely different context, more serious, more professional, and less conducive to rapprochements. However, dreaming of sleeping with a person does not necessarily mean that you want to. Occasionally, erotic dreams have nothing to do with sex. But is it normal to dream of your office colleague? How to explain it? How to interpret it?

Meaning of dreaming about work

Generally speaking, dreaming of work can have several meanings, depending on our dictionary of dreams whose meanings derive from New dictionary of dreams by Tristan-Frédéric Moir (Editions L’Archipel).

This dream can signify progression, identity, integration and place in the world, but also be indicative of torments, obsessive neuroses, and lack of affective life. Even though this word originates from an instrument of torture, work is embedded in our dreams to stage relational family issues that are currently replaying in our lives. A more in-depth critical study of the dream makes it possible to review these patterns of reproduction.

In general, dreaming of work is common among the overactive professional, an anxious person who takes refuge in professional hyperactivity to hide a depressive background. Ditto for people who can’t stand being retired. They will quickly tend to vent their frustration in their dreams, perhaps being too identified with the socio-professional persona. A large part of the population can flee their parental responsibilities in the profession, any excessive confrontation with their own children reopening the depressive background linked to childhood, explains Tristan-Frédéric Moir.

According to the dream specialist, it is common to project oneself into the context of work when it is recent or just before starting it, in particular to better prepare oneself psychically. If the work is not endured, it can therefore be synonymous with passion and fulfillment.

Interpretation of erotic dreams with colleagues

While we spend most of our days at work, it’s no surprise that we project ourselves into this space when we’re in Morpheus arms. But when these dreams include the presence of one of our colleagues and it turns into an erotic dream, we tend to wonder if this situation is normal. Rest assured, this type of dream is very common. It would even reflect “the place that professional life takes in our lives”, explains to Cosmopolitan Mireille Rosselet-Capt, psychologist, Jungian analyst and author of Dreams and intuition and Discovering and welcoming one’s dark side at Éditions Jouvence. “Work is one of the areas where our social identity is played out, as well as a domain of self-realization,” she continues.

“Of course it could be a dream of ordinary erotic desire. But if the dream surprises us, it may be an exaggeration of the motive of a simple desire for rapprochement and a privileged relationship, ”explains the specialist. Making love with your colleague is therefore not necessarily to be interpreted as an attraction towards the person concerned. Also, this kind of dreams can reveal a mirror effect. In other words, there is in this person a character trait, a quality or a skill that we admire and in which we project ourselves. “We are dealing, this time, with a positive projection, which teaches us a lot about our deepest needs and desires, as well as some of our unrecognized qualities that this colleague embodies for us. “, concludes the psychologist.

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Dreaming of sleeping with a colleague: what does it mean?

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