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Fitness ball, weighted bracelets, exercise mat, balance board… The practice of yoga and Pilates requires accessories to be effective. Here is our selection to soften and strengthen your muscles in the best conditions.

The Schildkröt fitness ball, the basic accessory

The fitness ball is the basic accessory that you must have at home for your yoga or Pilates sessions. It is useful for making muscle strengthening exercisesat the level of the cervical or to help the weightloss. The fitness ball is versatile and easy to use for performing different workouts in your living room. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, this ball is your best ally for keeping in shape. Are you looking for a robust fitness and cardio training accessory? the ball Schildkröt Gymnastikball 65 cm is a product on which you can perform your daily exercises. Its 65 cm anti-burst quality offers strength and safety. It is suitable for athletes of about 1m60 to 1m75.

Perform your sport in comfort with the Casall Exercise Mat Comfort exercise mat

Any yoga and Pilates session at home must take place in optimal conditions. A comfortable practice will allow you to perform your exercises while avoiding back pain, hips or neck for example. For this, it is necessary to use a quality exercise mat. the exercise mat Casall Exercise Mat Comfort is a perfect product for sports sessions and all types of stretching. Its 7 mm thickness increases your comfort and makes your workouts less painful. Your muscles will thank you! This mat from the Casall brand is made of flexible TPE material, which gives it a better grip. With an anti-slip composition, you are guaranteed not to slip during your sport and avoid any risk of falls.

Improve your postures with The Yoga Block from Schildkröt

Whether you are an expert yogi or a beginner, the yoga block can be the right accessory for all your sports sessions. Indeed, this rectangular block is easily used to support your body when you perform a posture, stabilize your balance or increase the intensity of a posture exercise. Depending on your level of yoga or pilates, you can play with the sense of the brick to increase the difficulty of your workouts at home. It is useful, for example, to take support in a delicate position (when you cannot reach the ground) or to bend your back. By turning the brick horizontally or vertically, you can gradually test other levels of difficulty. The yoga brick allows you to release muscle tension as well as locks for more comfort. The brick Yoga Block Schildkröt is light (about 150g) and its rigid foam format with rounded edges prevents any injuries.


Maintain your balance with the non-slip balance board

Are you looking for an accessory to increase your balance and coordination during yoga or Pilates exercises? The non-slip balance board allows you to maintain a stable position throughout your workout. This accessory can be used for intensive deep muscle training or for rehabilitation. The use of such a board increases the difficulty of performing postures while calling on your coordination skills. Indeed, staying stable becomes more complicated but it helps to strengthen your ability to keep balance. The balance board from Schildkröt has an additional non-slip pad. Its round platform (39.5 cm in diameter) is ideal for performing intensive postures for your body but with ease. What favors your safety and comfort during the exercises.

Perform your fitness exercises with the Pilates ball from Schildkröt

To be effective, your fitness, Pilates or yoga exercises at home need quality accessories! This is the case of the Pilates ball. It is particularly recommended for muscle strengthening of the back, stomach, buttocks or legs. This accessory is also effective in postures that invite you to relax the neck and shoulder joints. The Schildkröt brand offers a pilates ball 28 cm good quality for performing various fitness exercises. The non-slip surface and the small size of the ball favor effective support as you perform your poses. Its lightness only accentuates a better grip. In addition, its robustness and anti-burst quality guarantee additional safety during use.

bala bangles

Intensify your workouts by wearing Bala Bangles weighted bracelets

To intensify your training and strengthen your muscles, weighted bracelets are very suitable for yoga and Pilates sessions at home, but also for aerobics or even walking. You can wear them on your wrists or ankles, depending on the areas you want to work. Each bracelet weighs approx. 450g. You can adjust the closure to your wrists and ankles appropriately. Heavy-duty, hook-and-loop closures prevent the product from slipping off your arms or feet mid-session. This favors the comfort of your workouts with the Bala Bangles weighted bracelets. From now on, each of your movements in the company of your bracelets will intensify your bodybuilding! Bala Bangles declines these fitness accessories in different colors.

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Yoga and Pilates at home: 6 essential accessories to keep in shape – L’Éclaireur Fnac

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