Numerology 2021, year 5

2020 was a 4 year, which already hinted at the upcoming 22. 4 is the number of the material world, which evaluates what is solid, stable and offers security. As we have seen, the results are alarming. Because the World reveals a devouring materialism and a contagion towards ever more consumption, to the point of annihilating life, of infecting Nature, preventing it from breathing. And we postpone resuscitation each time.

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Remember that the state of health of the World is the mirror of our own inner states and our conduct in a state of great nonsense, but we continue to bruise it, to cut ourselves off from the laws of harmony. 4 is the number of the Earth and it set its limits, showed us that we didn’t go out of our way for earthly and human nature, and here we are in quarantine…

Year 5: making choices

With 2021, that changes completely, we go into year 5. A number of more masculine energy, which gives an important dynamic of choices to be made. 5 is the number of the human, of the star being, the pentagram being, as Leonardo da Vinci drew it. It is the number of freedom, given to humans at birth, then put on condition, as we still experience in attacks on freedom of expression. We have seen women and men killed or silenced this year in different countries, because they dared to call for more freedom and truth. This year 5 could be a year of claiming where everyone will ask to be listened to, respected in their difference and their choices. 5 is the middle number, the midpoint, the root “MED” found in remedy, meditation and mediation. Hopefully all of this is in the spotlight. The 5 is also the center, the quintessence, the synthesis. People will come together, refocus, 2021 will truly be that type of year. Do you feel the need to find an air of freedom in this age of Aquarius? It is up to everyone to find their pentagram star this year to find where they can act or co-act.

The Arcanum of the Pope associated with the year 5

The 5th is also the Arcanum of the “Pope,” which calls for new ways of governing with benevolence. It represents a major initiation, a blessing (to speak well, to speak justly, to use word and deed in a spiritual spirit). Will it also be a question of the place of religions, of the pope and should we expect any surprises? The risk will be the resistance of those who remain in the extreme poles, but let us remember that a religion is what connects people in beliefs, an ideal, a faith. Whatever the collectives, the new era can no longer conceal individuations, because each in its difference is a unity in itself. And as part of the whole, we can no longer isolate ourselves from the rest of the World. But will those who have the governance of “parties” and “communities” be able to accept this new vision of governance? As we can see, it is still difficult to let the people speak. The year 5 will not allow silencing, the 5 expresses itself in all its experience!

Your personal year 2021

Remember that these meanings are also to be seen on your own personal level, it is up to you to link them to your daily life, to your own trials and calls. 2021 could therefore be a time of crossroads and important choices to make in your life, an assessment of your free will, a gathering of your dispersions.

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Numerology 2021, year 5

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