Why not you ? – Learn about gentle yoga, between relaxation and exercise in Chabreloche (Puy-de-Dôme)

It already floats a light perfume, a feeling of serenity as soon as you enter the Jazzy room, behind the church of Chabreloche, on Thursday morning at 9 am. Participants in the gentle yoga session take off their shoes and sit on their mats in the room. And when you’re a novice like me, you’re not lost. The welcome is warm, the instructions rather easy to apply. Just feel comfortable.

And it’s not difficult when you wear a comfortable outfit, leggings or jogging for example, and you are surrounded by regulars, or not, friendly, just like Laurence, the yoga teacher. “Lie down on your mat, relax, don’t think about the past that is behind you, or the future that is not yet here, just anchor yourself in your present sensations,” she introduces. There is a harder way to start your day. With gentle yoga, a whole (re) connection to your body is at stake.

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Anchor yourself in the present moment

My teacher for the day lists several parts of the body, from bottom to top, giving each a clear description that allows me to anchor myself to the ground while floating, “with the back part of your heels touching your mat first. , then giving a more or less important hollow at the level of your Achilles tendon. Your calves touch the floor, followed by a dip, perhaps, in the back of the knees. Come after the thighs”, describes Laurence with such voluptuousness that shivers go through my body, synonymous with relaxation. Associating words that make sense at the moment with a soft voice is surely the secret of relaxation.

“Don’t do violence to yourself, don’t go beyond your limits. »

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And we are drawn from it in a delicate way, always, with different postures that are well known when we talk about yoga. “You can direct your arms and legs to the sky”, it pulls when you have abandoned the sport daily like me. On all fours, on the belly in the position of the cobra, “head raised and hands against the abdomen”, specifies Laurence, cross-legged or standing one foot in front of the other and the hands joined, gentle yoga is definitely suitable for beginners like to experts.

Far from the worries of everyday life, the day can start with a relaxed mind in a body that has become so.

Janna Beghri

Learn more. For a yoga session, you must bring a mat (it can also be provided), possibly with a cushion. On Thursdays, there is also children’s yoga (5:00-5:45 p.m.), ashtanga/vinyasa from 6:00-7:00 p.m., and yin yang yoga from 7:15-8:00 p.m. 15. Annual subscription: one adult lesson per week: €180, two adult lessons per week: €270, one child lesson per week: €150.

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Why not you ? – Learn about gentle yoga, between relaxation and exercise in Chabreloche (Puy-de-Dôme)

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