Christmas: 3 tips to wake up without stumbling!

A mini-cure to fortify yourself 2 to 3 days before the party

This little refurbishment will have a double effect. First eliminate the toxins already present in the body so that the digestive system is not saturated from the first bite swallowed. Then and by extension, evacuate stress and fatigue accumulated at the end of the year which prevent you from enjoying the festive moments. To consider 2 to 3 days before and between each New Year’s Eve and to accompany a daily walk of 30 minutes.

Typical menu
– Upon waking: squeezed lemon juice diluted with lukewarm water
– Breakfast: natural green tea, slice of sourdough bread with fresh goat cheese, 1tr of white ham, 1 fresh fruit (not in juice)
– Morning: ½ bottle of water rich in magnesium (Hépar type)
– Lunch: green salad, rapeseed oil, cider vinegar and slices of black radish; chicken breast en papillote and steamed fennel, 1 fresh fruit
– Afternoon: lemon balm tea and the rest of the bottle of water
– Dinner: a vegetable soup, a portion of homemade lentils, 1 yogurt.

Afternoon nap and vitamin C before the party

On D-Day, the objective will be to stimulate evening vigilance, naturally, without medication, magic potions or excessive coffee. Simply by resynchronizing the biological clock a little as we do to better absorb jet lag.

In the program
– Light and energetic lunch (eggs-spinach, lentils-ham…)
– 30 min walk around 2 p.m.
– Siesta of 20-30min (max) around 5 p.m. if the evening starts at 8 p.m., around 6 p.m. if it starts at 9 p.m. Lying in the dark, even without sleeping, is enough to perk up
– After the mini-nap: cup of natural tea and physical and/or intellectual activities (discussion, crosswords, etc.)
– 1h to 1h30 before the start of the evening: 1 vitamin C tablet (preferable to coffee which can “smear”, unless against medical order), good hydration (which stimulates concentration) and games or chats on the computer or tablet (to increase alertness and delay the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone)

Line the stomach to limit heaviness in the evening

The idea is to temper everyone’s natural ardor to peck voraciously and raise their elbows feverishly as soon as the festivities kick off! There’s nothing like the combined effect of fat from petit fours and alcohol to induce drowsiness before time…

– 15 to 30 minutes before the aperitif: light snack (boiled egg, yogurt or small apple) so as not to rush to the buffet and line the stomach so as not to suffer the full force of the effect of ” field coupette'” on an empty stomach which pushes you to nibble more to compensate.
– During dinner: eat slowly, chew well and alternate sips of wine and water.
– At bedtime: an infusion of rosemary or 1 to 2 glasses of water at room temperature with a few drops of lemon balm water (unless contraindicated) to facilitate the elimination of excess.

>> Thanks to Raphael Grumannutritionist, author of My premenopause and menopause bibleEd Leduc and Dr. Patrick Lemoine, sleep specialist, author of Doctor, I have trouble sleeping, Ed Odile Jacob.

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Christmas: 3 tips to wake up without stumbling!

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