Porto-Vecchio: the Maana festival comes to the Chiappa in the spring of 2023

After multiple adventures linked to the Covid, Estelle Brotons was finally able to offer his maana festivaldedicated to yoga and the disciplines that surround it, April 2022 on the Palombaggia beachat Porto Vecchio. She repeats the operation this year 2023 “in a different format, longer, and in complete immersion”.

The appointment is therefore fixed from April 20 to 23, 2023 included in naturist village la Chiappafully privatized for the event, “and accessible to all. We are not in a naturist weekend, and it is not intended that we practice in the simplest device”laughs the teacher.

With its 60 hectares, the place allows you to be closer to nature, with shaded and sheltered areas, while enjoying the beach and the different areas of the residence: “Participants can sleep on site, in individual bungalows or to share with their spouse, a girlfriend or their children, who can also benefit from lessons and self-managed activities. The festival is open to all, meals are included, the entertainment, including the evening, too. All of this, of course, in addition to the courses and conferences that will punctuate the four days of the festival”, details its creator.

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“The idea is really to offer participants a program where everything is taken care of, in a place that allows them to recharge their batteries and cut themselves off from the world for a few days, whether you come from Corsica or further.” And as there are many yoginis in the Far South, you can also buy your pass for the festival, benefit from all-inclusive care and activities, while returning to sleep at home.

The program will be busy, with classes starting at 7 a.m., “to practice with the sunrise, which promises beautiful moments given the place”but also conferences.

Twenty speakers

“We are lucky to welcome great masters, who come from India, London or the continent. They are real leaders in their disciplines, people from whom thousands of enthusiasts are trained.” And Estelle the first. “In particular, there will be Dr. Jitendra Das, who was one of my trainers. He has been teaching yoga for twenty years all over the world, especially ancestral hatha yoga. I am lucky to have taken his classes and that he agrees to participate in the festival for lessons but also to talk about his practice and the philosophy of yoga.”

The festival will also allow you to discover other disciplines with Pilates fusion, collective hypnosis, Ayurveda, work on family constellations, sound therapy, apnea on mats… “We wanted to sweep a very wide field, offer meetings with fascinating people, who necessarily have something to teach us, and all in an idyllic setting. In fact, I imagined what I wanted to do and I I proposed it. The idea was popular, and it allows us today to have about twenty speakers in very specialized disciplines and who come from very different backgrounds.”

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Based on a philosophy that combines yoga, well-being and spirituality, the Maana festival also wants to be eco-responsible: out of plastic, make way for the composting of organic waste, and a studied diet. “There is a global approach in the festival, which is also based on a way of eating. The menus were developed by a consultant in holistic nutrition, who favored fresh and local products.”

Something to disconnect and forget your stress for a few days…

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Porto-Vecchio: the Maana festival comes to the Chiappa in the spring of 2023

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