Anisha Star Academy: the secrets of the winner on her relationship with Léa

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The big winner of the tenth season of the famous TF1 telecrochet, Star Academy, gave an exclusive interview to our colleagues from Pure People. Indeed, Anisha (star Academy) talked about his victory, his future projects, but in particular the rumors of the harassment she allegedly suffered in the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. An adventure she undertook with great courage despite her discreet and introverted nature. In the grand finale on November 26, she faced the three other finalists, Louis, Léa and Enola, before emerging as the winner. Thereby, three days after his victoryshe decided to confide in her adventure to Pure People. We’ll explaine everything here !

Anisha (Star Academy): The night of the final after her victory

Three days after her victory, Anisha (Star Academy) agreed to do an exclusive interview with our colleagues from Pure People. After congratulating him, they immediately mentioned a rumor circulating on social networks. Indeed, after the announcement of her victory, many Internet users pointed to the fact that the other students were slow to congratulate her. Whether it was the three finalists or the other students present, they did not immediately go to her. However, according to his confidences, Anisha (Star Academy) didn’t feel like that.I didn’t feel it at all, maybe because of the euphoria. We all congratulated each other after all the same “, she confided.

Regarding her victory, Anisha (star Academy) remains very surprised. However, she has not forgotten everyone who was able to help her during her adventure in the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. So, after her victory, she wanted to thank all the people who have been of great help to her. Even the ones the cameras don’t show during the Star Academy broadcast. ” I was very moved and surprised. I had a lot of gratitude in my heart and a lot of gratitude. I went to the musicians to thank them for this whole adventure. I did it often, but now I knew it was the last time. I also went to see the whole dressing/makeup/hair team to thank them and give them a hug. I was in a state of mind where I wanted to thank everyone “.

His plans for the future

During her interview with our colleagues from Pure People, Anisha (Star Academy) came to talk about her victory. Indeed, although she won the telecrochet, she also had other gifts. If you already know the star Academythen you will know that the winners win 100,000 euros and a CD with Sony. Our colleagues therefore asked what she intended to do with this money. ” I had planned before the Star Academy, even if I did not have 100,000 euros, to contribute a little bit to the building on access to education in Madagascar. I can’t change anything, but I want to do what I can, because it’s a problem in my country. I also wanted to help children in difficulty and focus on somewhat personal projects. Including my studies, even if it’s the end soon “.

Then, for the album that she will release with Sony, it must be said thatAnisha (Star Academy) hasn’t had time to think about it yet. Obviously, she already has ideas in mind. For now, she hasn’t yet had an appointment to discuss it. ” We haven’t talked about it with Sony yet, but I’m going to have meetings this week to discuss all this. But I would like it to be an album that resembles me. That there is a folk touch is important. I would like there to be a bit of pop, country, pop-rock as well and bring some sweetness and power into it. Then I would like it to bring beautiful emotions like joy, love, courage or hope. I want to touch people’s hearts and share all this with the public “. Anisha (Star Academy) wants the album reflects his personality.

Anisha (Star Academy) harassed by Léa? She restores the truth

Throughout her experience in Star Academy, Anisha has been quite discreet. Indeed, she did not necessarily participate in the gatherings of other students and preferred focus on work. During various interviews, she has mentioned the fact that she has always been more discreet. However, rumors began to swirl when Internet users noticed what they describe as harassment from Léa. She explains that she appreciated everyone, despite the different temperaments.As I often say, I love them, even if we have different temperaments or points of view. I have no problem with people, every day I start from scratch with people no matter what “.

During her confidences with our colleagues from Pure People, Anisha (Star Academy) restores the truth. She confides thatshe never felt harassed by her comrades. ” I did not experience any harassment. There is still benevolence and solidarity in this promotion. Léa makes jokes, she is funny and is still kind too. After all, it’s all a question of temperament I think. And everyone interprets the way they see it. In any case, I would like to say to people who think it’s harassment and who may be defending me for it: don’t worry, I have no problem with Léa or with other people. “.

Anisha (Star Academy) gives her thanks

During this interview with Pure People, Anisha (Star Academy) wanted to thank everyone who was able to support her during the adventure. Indeed, for six weeks, in the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, she was able to count on the support of certain other students, teachers, staff or even viewers. In order to win the final, it must be said that many people believed in her.

So, to end, Anisha (Star Academy) therefore thanked all these people.I wanted once again to thank the public who supported me and still supports me. Thank you to all the people who believed in me, much more than I believed in me. Thank you to all the people who contributed to this great Star Academy adventure. And thank you also to all the journalists who interview us for our work “, she concluded. And this, in his exclusive interview with our colleagues from Pure People.

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Anisha Star Academy: the secrets of the winner on her relationship with Léa

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