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Published on November 23, 2022 at 4:11 p.m.

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Want an interior in your image? Here is the “Deco Horoscope” for Sagittarius, born between November 23 and December 21, and whose decoration looks like a cabinet of curiosities.

In astrology, it is said of Sagittarius that he loves to travel both by taking the plane, the train and the car to discover other lands and by learning new things. This “ray of sunshine” in the heart of winter does not give way to seasonal depression. Indeed, this optimistic personality of the zodiac has nothing to do with the less clement weather and the cold. With him, it is impossible to get bored! And its interior looks exactly like it. Although this Fire sign is not fundamentally attached to its home, which it can leave at any time, unlike the More home-loving bullescape and fun are the common threads of its decoration.

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The decoration of the Sagittarians: bohemian, vintage and bright

The legendary restlessness of Sagittarius does not make him materialistic, unlike the Lion who has a taste for beautiful things. Nevertheless, this being likes to feed on the riches of the past and present world. Which means that when it comes to decoration, he likes rooms steeped in history, which are the mark of a past story. Spirituality requires. He will therefore have a preference for the bohemian style which advocates the accumulation of objects found in the four corners of the world as well as at the neighborhood flea market. He is a real archaeologist. Perhaps airheaded, Sagittarius is no less trendy. At home, any accessory inviting and reminiscent of travel is welcome. They will even be on display in its library, a key piece of furniture in its layout, alongside a host of books and other travel souvenirs. A corner dedicated to music will complete the space. The cabinet of curiosities atmosphere takes shape. These natives of the end of the year will prefer, moreover, wooden or metal furniture, consistent with their warm nature.

Like everyone else, Sagittarius still appreciates having a cocoon in which to recharge their batteries to take a step back from the world. An armchair, rather than a sofa, will be ideal for this active sign around which poufs will be added to receive guests. On the color side, they are in line with her sunny personality and her open-mindedness. We therefore find in his palette yellow and orange as well as their complementary tones, blue and purple. The prints will delight him like a superb kilim rug. Finally, to refine their interior decoration, Sagittarius cannot forget to install a sun catcher or a disco ball in their home. The sun is his special guest. This list of essential signs before Christmas is also perfect for finding the gift that will hit the mark.

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Sagittarius: which decoration to choose according to your astrological sign? – She Decoration

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