Rami El-Dokany: We are aiming for the strong comeback of foreign investors – Economy – Economy

Rami El Dokany We are aiming for the strong comeback of

HASI-HASHram Weekly : What are your plans to offer new financial securities to investors via the introduction of new public and private companies on the stock market in 2023? Rami El-Dokany: According to the government’s IPO program, 4 public companies were listed last year and are ready for issuance to investors. Three companies are in … Read more

Déborah, a young Cherbourgeoise, is aiming for the top 10 at the world welding championships

Deborah a young Cherbourgeoise is aiming for the top 10

By Solene Lavenu Published on 6 Oct 22 at 11:17 The Channel Press See my news Follow this media Throughout her preparation for the Worldskills, Déborah Corrette was able to count on her two teachers and all the equipment from the Doucet high school in Cherbourg (Manche). A great help. (©Jean-Paul BARBIER/La Manche Press) She … Read more