This couple from Herviens will build an animal shelter and an eco-resort in Portugal

Unusual accommodations

In this project, the animal refuge will stand alongside unusual, durable, light and ecological accommodation nestled in this green setting. “We are going to build different cabins and glamping-type tents there (chic camping). The idea is to create a place of slow-life where we put the human being back in his original setting. next to others in profitability mode. We want to create cocoons for visitors.” A resort that will take the name of Almaterra Conscious Resort which means “the soul of the earth, in consciousness”. A place that “will offer the opportunity to those who wish to come and immerse themselves in the heart of nature and a refuge and to appreciate its benefits”. The land is in the pocket. The tiny house that will serve as their home and landmarks “to explore the terrain” is under construction on the spot, it will then remain to finalize the permits, repatriate the horses (read below), set up the first accommodations and embark on this new life.

We want to offer a global experience” with countless services on site and enabled by their skills and experience. On the program, for example, body awareness sessions, yoga and sensory awakening classes on a wild beach, fire ceremonies, energy dance sessions, animal care, workshops on living food, equicoaching and connection to horses, personal coaching. “Sensory experiences that bring us back to the essential and to the present moment”. An adventure that promises to be intense and full of meaning for them and their future visitors.

A fundraiser to transfer the horses

To be able to develop this project closer to their wildest dreams, the couple launched a fundraiser via the Kisskissbankbank site. If they have already collected €12,145, there are still €17,605 to be found to reach the first stage allowing the transfer of the Equiflow refuge to Portugal and the creation of adequate infrastructure for the animals. “It’s virgin land, everything is to be built” , knows Ana. Concretely, it is necessary to pay all these thousands of euros for professional transport and health certificates, to build a shelter on site and drinking troughs in particular, to fence the areas for the safety of the animals, to plan the first health visits on their arrival and to drill a well to ensure there is always water. “All these arrangements have a cost and we cannot afford them alone”. Hence the hope of seeing hands reaching out with, in exchange and depending on the amounts, beautiful rewards such as yoga packs, pilates signed Ana, overnight stays or glamping weekends in Portugal and many others… “Ethical and original rewards to thank people for their support. There’s something for everyone.”

24 days left

At the time of writing these lines, the Herviens have 24 days left to reach this first level of nearly 30,000 euros. “If we don’t reach that goal, we fall back to zero and our contributors are reimbursed.” June 22 being the deadline! “Even the smallest sums will allow us to move a little further towards the emergence of this beautiful project. Small streams make big rivers.” The call is launched. And if it is heard, the next step will be to collect the money to install the first accommodations.

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This couple from Herviens will build an animal shelter and an eco-resort in Portugal

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