Palmistry: past, future, character… What your hands reveal about you

Lines of life, of the heart, of destiny, fingerprints…Have you ever tried to figure out what the lines of your hands mean? If, as reported Current wife, the researcher Jean de Bony created Biotypology to study the hands in order to offer self-knowledge to everyone via the multiple signs and characteristics of genetic origin, he assures that it has nothing to do with divination . However, many elements observed in this empirical science are also studied in palmistry, which is thousands of years old.

In order to get your own idea on the question, we interviewed Roberta Vernon, palmist and author of the book The Lines of the Hand, part of the collection The 4 Keys to Esotericism (Ed. Albin Michel). Love, human relations, career, children, health, abilities and talents, successes and failures… Everything would be engraved in our hands. Here, in more detail, is how to learn more about yourself and those around you.

First of all, the expert would like to remind you that “the elements given in this article must be considered as generalities and cannot be considered as absolute facts. You must form your own opinion on the content. Also keep in mind that ‘there may be exceptions’.

Roberta Vernon. “Palmistry or palm reading is the art of reading everything you can see on a hand to determine a person’s character, fate, health, talents, relationships and more.

The first texts of this esoteric art were discovered in northern India over 5,000 years ago, and I suspect it was already very old then. There is, however, another form of palmistry in China that may be just as old. After being out of fashion for centuries, palmistry began to return to France in the 19th century, then it crossed the English Channel to the UK and spread around the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with Napoleon Bonaparte, because he was particularly fond of everything that had to do with divination.”

Palmistry: what does the shape of your hands reveal?

Planet. Can the lines of the hand change over time? Big, small, square, long, round… What do these characteristics reveal?

Roberta Vernon. “Absolutely. They change in response to our choices and our changing lifestyles.'”

“The Big Hands belong to people who act and move quite slowly, but are good at detail work.

little hands belong to people who act quickly, but who are better at coming up with a grand plan than dealing with the details.

square hands suggest a practical person who might be a good builder (e.g. bricklayer) or farmer, but who is not particularly witty or poetic.

long hands belong to a sensitive, poetic and artistic type of person. People with round hands are sociable, friendly, humorous and somewhat lazy.”

Planet. What also reveal the length, the shape of the end of the fingers and the nails?

Roberta Vernon.The long fingers indicate an artistic type of person, who can also be somewhat nervous. You can find long, slender fingers on someone who likes to make critical remarks.

short fingers belong to a busy person who does a lot of things quickly. These people can be surprisingly musical or good at cooking (and eating).

smooth fingers also denote someone who can act quickly, while l your “knotted” fingers belong to someone who likes to think slow and act slow.

big fingers may indicate a slower and lazier personality, but this person may be materialistic and intelligent in finding and keeping money or possessions or inheriting them, especially if the lower knuckles pads are full.

Rounded fingertips and rounded nails belong to a sociable and friendly type of person.

square fingertips suggests practicality and intelligence with figure work and money. Also look at the base of the little finger, as a number of small lines here suggest a good mathematician or analyst.

Fingers pointing can be artistic, but they can also refer to someone whose health is never good, or who is nervous and anxious.

The upper phalanges that have droplet formation are found on the hands of clothing designers, jewelers, handbag makers, and anyone else who uses their hands for detailed, beautiful work.

Thumb is interesting because if it is thick, the person is likely to push others around to get what they want. If he is thin with a “size”, the person is a thinker with a logical mind.

One inch long shows intelligence, but possibly a lack of practicality, while a short thumb shows lack of “brain” or lack of common sense. A short thick thumb could designate a tyrant.

The thumb is often turned towards the hands of actors, performers, artists, speakers, politicians and those who want to be loved and admired. Both President Trump and President Biden have those kind of thumbs. These people are charming, and they are superficially popular, but those who work for them or live with them do not find them charming at all, because they are tough and selfish.

Nails follow the same logic:

  • Square: practical.
  • Rounded: sociable, friendly.
  • Long: a thinker.
  • Short: someone who acts quickly.
  • Fan-shaped: not interested in the opinions of others.
  • Large: good for detailed work, especially if the upper finger is quite full.
  • Small: quick-tempered, quick-witted, but not practical.
  • Large: easy going.
  • Narrow: nervous and anxious.”

What about stains on the hands?

Palmistry: what do spots or warts reveal?

Planet. What about signs, spots, warts or prints on the skin of the hands?

Roberta Vernon.Red spots on the front or back of the hand always indicate a current problem, but a red spot at the bottom of the hand, as well as many small broken lines can indicate pregnancy or a problem with the reproductive organs. A red spot on the side of the hand below the index finger shows that the subject’s sibling is going through a difficult time.

The gray spots are rare, but they are a bad sign, indicating a disease. You need to know which part of the hand relates to which part of the body to work this one.

Grilles are also quite rare, and they indicate a health problem. A common grid signifies diabetes, and it becomes more important if the person does not take care of their blood sugar levels.

The warts suggest stress, unhappiness, worry and fear. They can disappear after a divorce or after leaving a bad job or after moving away from bad neighbors, etc. You need to look at the finger or the part of the hand they are on and note whether they are on the back or the front of the hand to understand their meaning.

Fingerprints on the hand, such as fingerprints, are actually called skin ridge patterns. Interestingly, the police and medical examiners use the same terminology we do, but we were the first to come up with these terms and they took the names from us!

Fingerprints can form straight lines along the fingertips, arches, tent arches, loops, whorls, and peacock eyes. Some of these marks are common, while others are unusual. Each has its own meaning. The most common being the curl that comes from the side of the ulna, which shows a cooperative, friendly and competent person who wants a normal life.

The hand is covered in lines, which should be nice and clear. If not, especially on the lower ulna of the hand, consider alcoholism or drug addiction.

Some palm prints form loops, and depending on where they are, they can suggest humor, a love of pets, style, a love of the countryside, a good memory, a tendency to overwork and royal blood.

I once read the hands of two brothers at a psychic festival, and they both had raja loops on both hands. I asked them if they were related to royalty, and they were amazed at the accuracy of the question – and told me they were Braganza, whose family had once ruled Portugal!”

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Palmistry: past, future, character… What your hands reveal about you

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