Virtual tour of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe to visit without delay

Virtual tour of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.webp

No other place in the world exudes the Christmas spirit as well as the thematic markets which are organized every year at the approach of December. Almost any city can boast of having one, but in France, those organized in Strasbourg, Colmar, Paris or Reims are the most spectacular. What’s happening on a larger scale? … Read more

“Markets must be aware of the price at which we, the producers, must sell our fruits”

In Alicante, the oranges for the new 2022/23 season have already been harvested. “Our warehousing activity focuses almost 90% on oranges because we generally work directly in the fields with lemons and mandarins. Especially when working with leafy fruits”, explains Héctor Mallol, sales manager of Naturnar. “The citrus fruits with leaves do not undergo any … Read more

“The great religious institutions that managed societies have lost their influence and niche markets led by gurus have been created”, Jean Viard

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The Miviludes, the Interministerial mission of vigilance and fight against sectarian aberrations has never been so much in demand. It has been entered more than 4,000 times in 2021, and largely by victims of the so-called “new gurus”, these men and women who are followers of alternative medicine, who promise you well-being and personal development. … Read more

Cuban music, yoga, markets, pétanque competitions… in Neufchâtel-Hardelot

Cuban music yoga markets petanque competitions in Neufchatel Hardelot

craft market “1 day 1 craftsman”. Every day a different craftsman will come to show you his know-how with explanations and demonstrations. Until August 21. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Place de la Concorde Visit of the Mont Saint-Frieux bunkers Monday August 22, at 10 a.m. Provide walking shoes, flashlight and picnic. Hike in … Read more

The government approves the draft reform of the law on securities markets – Chatborgne

The Government approved in the Council of Ministers on Monday the draft reform of the law on securities markets and investment services. which will be submitted to the Spanish Parliament with the aim of boosting business financing and strengthening investor protection, particularly in the field of crypto-assets. As explained by the Ministry of Economy and … Read more