Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo: “The Pope is coming to visit a country in great suffering”

Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo The Pope is coming to visit a

The cross : What is the state of mind of the Congolese on the eve of the Pope’s arrival? Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo: General satisfaction dominates. Finally, the Pope is coming to visit us in the Congo! John Paul II had come twice, Benedict XVI never; which was not well experienced by the Church of Congo, … Read more

La Ligule animal park in Mignault at an impasse since the visit of the SPW to its establishment

La Ligule animal park in Mignault at an impasse since

“All our animals are in perfect health, in order of detention and in order of health status with the FASFC. These are species from farms around the world. They are therefore not wild animals such as we can find in zoos.”, says Benoit Vandenbegrhe. “Last May, we received a letter from the SPW stating that, … Read more

Virtual tour of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe to visit without delay

Virtual tour of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.webp

No other place in the world exudes the Christmas spirit as well as the thematic markets which are organized every year at the approach of December. Almost any city can boast of having one, but in France, those organized in Strasbourg, Colmar, Paris or Reims are the most spectacular. What’s happening on a larger scale? … Read more

The Pope’s family visit to Asti, between memory and future – Vatican News

Francis’ visit to the land of origin of his family will be marked by the experience of dialogue between generations, particularly dear to the Pope who so often evoked the “prophecy of Joel” on the young and the elderly. If Saturday November 19, the dimension of the memory will prevail in the private meeting with … Read more

Unusual: 12 ideas of museums to visit according to your astrological sign in Paris

Unusual 12 ideas of museums to visit according to your

By Graziella L. Posted Oct 15, 2022 2:49 PM Who says Halloween, says scary experiences but also mysteries. Why not take advantage of this holiday to visit a museum according to your astrological sign? Find out which place of knowledge is made for you in the capital… Better known as Halloweenthe feast of the dead … Read more

The day when the apostle James, discouraged, received in Zaragoza the visit of the Virgin

The day when the apostle James discouraged received in Zaragoza

On October 12, Spain celebrates Our Lady of Pilar, patroness of Hispanicity, closely linked in the hearts of Spaniards to the Apostle James. Without the miraculous intervention of the Virgin Mary on a mysterious pillar still visible, “Santiago” indeed, would perhaps not have remained and… returned to Spain. It is perhaps the oldest of the … Read more

Weekend idea: visit the castle of Monte-Cristo 1 hour from Paris

Weekend idea visit the castle of Monte Cristo 1 hour from

Discover the incredible home of the writer Alexandre Dumas. photo credit: moonik Follow in the footsteps of one of the most popular writers in literature in Port-Marly (78). Fruit of the boundless imagination of Alexandre Dumas, the Monte-Cristo estate is one of the jewels of Yvelines. Renaissance castle, Gothic castle, English park: immerse yourself in … Read more