“The promise of finding easier access to parenthood in Quebec for lesbian and gay couples is a pull factor”

The promise of finding easier access to parenthood in Quebec

Since the demonstrations against marriage for all in 2013, the French LGBTQ + are more and more numerous in Montreal. They discover a tolerant and open society, especially in terms of parenthood. Interview with Mona Greenbaum, Executive Director of the LGBTQ+ Family Coalition of Quebec, an association for the defense of family rights. Is there … Read more

The Love Relationship Of These 3 Zodiac Couples Will Last Forever, According To Astrology

The Love Relationship Of These 3 Zodiac Couples Will Last

Have a couple relationship dreams, full of tenderness, passion and consideration, is something that almost all human beings aspire to. But unfortunately, this is not always easy to achieve. And if the world is full of great people, compatibility in love is not guaranteed. But there are astral combinations that never fail, and once together … Read more

Bts : Couples, Relations Amoureuses, Rumeurs, Et Plus ⋆ K-Sélection

Bts Couples Relations Amoureuses Rumeurs Et Plus ⋆ K Selection

Depuis le début de leur carrière, les membres de BTS restent très discrets au sujet de leurs relations. Les idols doivent protéger leur carrière en gardant ce genre d’information privé. Donc naturellement, nous avons plus ou moins tous tendance à vouloir en savoir plus sur la vie de nos chanteurs favoris.  Les BTS ont-ils déjà … Read more

Astrology: These couples who are the most compatible in love according to their horoscope sign!

Horoscope 2022 your astrological forecasts sign by sign from April

According to horoscope experts, these zodiac couples are most likely to make the best pairs! If you are a big fan of astrology, you are constantly trying to find out which signs correspond to yours. Do you know, for example, which zodiac signs will make the best (and only the best) friends? Or which ones … Read more

SLIDESHOW – 14 couples who have marked reality TV in France

Royal Speech of July 30 Continue the construction of an

Loft Story, Temptation Island, Secret Story, Love is in the Meadowor more recently The people of Marseilles, these programs which for some were not intended to form couples have nevertheless been at the origin of a good number of love stories, which still last for some. Monday August 8, M6 returned to 20 years of … Read more