Astrology: these signs will have an encounter that will turn their lives upside down

Astrology these signs will have an encounter that will turn

Through Fostine Carracillo – Published on 25 Jan 2023 at 06:30 This meeting will profoundly change these three signs of the zodiac. Here’s what to expect at the end of January. The astrological predictions will be lenient for three of the twelve signs of the zodiac. A particularly beneficial change of life is thus expected … Read more

At the heart of the encounter, springs the truth

At the heart of the encounter springs the truth

To assert oneself by agreeing to step aside, such is the secret of these encounters where the truth springs forth. Pastor of the parish of Saint-Eubert in Lille, Father Benoist de Sinety discovered a meditation that expresses well the jubilation of these roads where brothers in humanity, so similar and so different, cross. Will we … Read more

Horoscope for Thursday, September 22, 2022: in love, encounter and commitment for certain signs! – Here is

Astro your horoscope for Tuesday July 5 2022

Some signs are going to have a beautiful day placed under protecting the planets…and Cupid! Indeed, beautiful encounters, new beginnings or possible engagement with your other half… everything is possible! So take the opportunity to check your perfect love compatibility in everyday life but also in bed: What are the least compatible signs under the … Read more

Pauline Ohrel: “Sculpting a sacred work is a highlight, sometimes even a mystical encounter”

Pauline Ohrel Sculpting a sacred work is a highlight sometimes

As a worthy daughter of my father, a senior civil servant, I first threw myself into the intellectual world. For 12 years, I complied with my studies by being a lawyer at the Paris Bar. The legal reasoning intoxicated me, I must admit. And then one day, I had a revelation, I suddenly realized that … Read more