Burkina Faso: CADES-BF, a civil society organization, proposes popular mobilization around the defense forces

Burkina Faso CADES BF a civil society organization proposes popular mobilization

The Circle of Actions for the Economic and Social Development of Burkina Faso (CADES-BF) was in front of the press on October 7, 2022. Objective, to show its support for the MPSR which it describes as “the people’s MPSR” and to make a whole proposals to the new authorities to get the country out of … Read more

“Angels and demons”: CNews goes to the defense against the “forces of evil”

Mercury retrograde why is this period reputed to be chaotic

Hello Miviludes? This is for a report… Since its launch in May 2020, the CNews show in search of spirit gives in the uninhibited Catholic proselytism, trend mass in Latin and “a dad, a mom”. The thing had been spotted and duly analyzed – thanks be due to our colleagues from Days– as one of … Read more

BlueGuard, an underwater defense system tested off Nice to protect the coast

What if the threat came from the depths? Christian Estrosi admits to having asked himself the question since the July 14 attack. Especially in a city like Nice, rich in cultural or sporting events which, for malevolent spirits, can be so many “Strong temptations”: “We saw what happened on a certain September 11, in New … Read more