“Angels and demons”: CNews goes to the defense against the “forces of evil”

Hello Miviludes? This is for a report… Since its launch in May 2020, the CNews show in search of spirit gives in the uninhibited Catholic proselytism, trend mass in Latin and “a dad, a mom”. The thing had been spotted and duly analyzed – thanks be due to our colleagues from Days– as one of the effects of the grip on the chain of the very pious Vincent Bolloré. This Sunday, October 2, however, a milestone seems to have been reached in the quiet march towards bigotry and superstition. In this program mimicking all the codes of information without having any of its qualities, this time we tackled a subject of extreme gravity: “ Angels and demons: the real fight? »

Widely shared on social networks, the launch of the presenter Aymeric Pourbaix, loyal to Bolloré at the head of the weekly France Catholique, immediately sets the tone: no question of ecumenism or reflection on the religious fact The paths of faith. Here, we are among the pure and hard, the real ones, the pure sugar “Tratras”. In a word: fundamentalists. Those who believe in hell and heaven in the first degree. ” It is a reality more insidious than all viruses, more dangerous than all epidemics, more contagious also than all infections, but it is rarely mentioned and even less taken seriously: this reality is the forces of evil, in all their demonstrations, explains without laughing Aymeric Pourbaix. The forces of evil ? Like in Harry Potter? “They extend their power in all spheres of society – the news amply shows it – to drive us to despair », continues the preacher.

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Fortunately, ” we have an ally, the Archangel Saint Michael, whose feast day was September 29 “. Here’s to the “topical” pretext, to which CNews is bound by agreement with the CSA. The programming of the old iTélé being supposed to be ” devoted to information “, the program In search of spirit treats in principle of ” news from a spiritual and philosophical point of view “. In fact of ” witty it is above all a question of Catholicism. Note the tip of CNews: assuming that the holy scriptures describe reality, angels and demons may well be part of the news, and will be treated in the same tone as the war in Ukraine or pension reform. Saint Michael, therefore: This great demon slayer embodies the fight of good against evil, and the victory of good. So there is no need to panic. How to fight against evil with the weapons of faith? That’s the theme of this show today “, continues Aymeric Pourbaix.

Who says continuous news channel necessarily says guests on set. Those gathered for the occasion present an eloquent pedigree: Father Gaultier de Chaillé, priest of the diocese of Versailles and author of Little talk about the devilAnne Bernet, author of Great hours of the chouannerie and D’investigation of angelsand Véronique Jacquier, political journalist at CNews, author of Fillon, the man who did not want to be president. It is up to the priest to answer Aymeric Pourbaix’s first question: ” From the point of view of the Church, one cannot question the existence of the devil? Is it a fact of faith in a way? » « The thought of the Church has always spoken of the devil. Christ himself speaks of it very clearly, he fights against the devil. It is for us an evidence of faith and a fact of revelation of the Bible, which makes us know that there is an adversary before us, against whom we must prepare our weapons. », replies Gaultier de Chaillé.

“Powers of Darkness”

Would it therefore be wrong to see the devil as a primarily symbolic figure or an allegory? ” The contemporary era wants to be that of the disenchantment of the worldanswers the man of the Church. We try to demythologize by having the impression that the devil is a kind of artificial figure that would have been made to explain the question of evil. A kind of personification of evil. Certain members of the clergy, indeed, are skeptical, and are afraid of a tendency to reduction ad demonium, to always explain everything by the devil, which is indeed a risk of the order of superstition. So you always have to be in this balance, and some of the clergy are out of balance by rejecting the devil a little hastily, when you have to succeed in putting him in his rightful place, that of the defeated adversary. »

No wonder, therefore, that Saint Michael is also considered a historical figure. Asked about the location of various monasteries dedicated to Saint Michael, Anne Bernet, brings her ” expertise » in matters of archangels: « These are shrines that were raised at a time when paganism remains active. Officially, Europe is Christianized, but there is a gulf between official Catholicization and popular practices. But it is precisely against the maintenance of these demonic cults that the archangel will act. And he will act by striking where it hurts, that is to say on high places which have been consecrated from all eternity to solar gods, therefore to incarnations of the evil one. (…) It is absolutely necessary to eradicate this presence of the demon from these high places, and Saint Michael is responsible for coming and doing the work himself. It is in this that he extends this powerful protection over a Europe that wants to be Catholic, given to Christ and no longer to the powers of darkness. » Paul Veyne, author of When our world became Christianmust be turning in his grave…

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Sharing the common sense of his colleague Pascal Praud, Aymeric Pourbaix brings everyone back to very concrete realities: the protection of Saint-Michel, “ does it work ? “, asks the obstacle to go around in circles. ” Because we can say that it’s a bit like weeds: it constantly grows back, and we can clearly see certain forms of paganism, even witchcraft, emerging today. We talked about it recently in the world of football. Is this protection effective? If he wishes, we have some test ideas to submit to Aymeric Pourbaix. Let us remember all the same the terms of article 2-3-8 of the agreement binding the CSA and CNews: The publisher verifies the validity and the sources of the information. As far as possible, its origin must be indicated. Uncertain information is presented in the conditional. God, does that count as a source?

“Fight against evil: who is the antichrist? »

After a theological dissertation by Anne Bernet on the ” civil war in paradise and the fault of awarding a absolute trust in constituted authority instead of turning to God – did you say “separatism”? – the program is interested in a more practical question: “ Fight against evil: who is the antichrist? “We pinch ourselves listening to the same Anne Bernet explain being” struck to see people who could be considered perfectly sane, who have professions… down to earth, who are doctors, who are notaries, not fanatics, people who are perfectly integrated into society who, instead to take the gospel, drink like whey more or less delusional prophecies, more or less reliable, more or less recent, which circulate on social networks, and end up maintaining a panic fear “. It’s true: Saint Michael fighting a dragon is still more “reliable” than the IPCC studies!

Will you take a swig of obscurantism again with your mysticism? It is Father Gaultier de Chaillé who regales, affirming: ” It’s always like that in history: all scientific centuries, of pride, generate magic and superstition. It was the same thing in the Renaissance, it was the same thing in antiquity. “A small shot of conservatism to digest? ” God wants us to be lucid, realistic, and to be in our place, strike the priest. This is precisely the best way to fight against the devil: to be in your rightful place, to experience freedom in humility To the health of the established order!

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Here is the spectator ready for the highlight of the show: an exorcism tutorial by Father Jean-Pascal Duloisy, director of the Saint Michel reception, an institution supposed to treat cases of the possessed. With him, exorcism comes down to “heads I win, tails you lose”. ” If it works, it’s: ‘Go and sin no more!’he explains. And if it doesn’t work, we question ourselves: was it a demon? Were we not dealing with natural disturbances of the psychic order? If it is of the demonic order, it requires the ritual of exorcism, and there one addresses the demon directly. »

There are even statistics: Saint Michel reception, it should be noted that 90% of calls concern people who are psychologically disturbed, but 10% actually concern people who are unfortunately possessed “, assures Véronique Jacquier on set. And to add: Is the front door precisely relativism to evil? We live in a world where sin no longer exists, and therefore we no longer even know that cases of possession are part of everyday life? ” Anne Bernet’s conclusion: ” There are many reasons. Perhaps also the fact that fewer and fewer people are baptized. “That’s probably it, yes…

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“Angels and demons”: CNews goes to the defense against the “forces of evil”

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