Can you succeed in attracting your crush thanks to the “Tinkerbell effect”?

If you are familiar with the placebo effect or the art of manifestation or the law of attraction, then you may have already heard of the famous “Tinkerbell effect” better known as the “Tinker Bell effect”. ” in English. Accumulating more than 9 million views on TikTok, the hashtag #Tinkerbelleffect brings together hundreds of explanatory videos on the phenomenon.

What is the Tinkerbell effect?

Not to be confused with Tinker Bell Syndrome, the Tinker Bell Effect took on the form of a simple concept. Concretely, the more we believe in something, the more chances we have of it happening in our life. Echoing the placebo effect, this new practice consists of preparing your brain to believe that what you want will really happen in reality. On social networks, users then share their stories, their anecdotes or simply advice on how to achieve their intentions using the bell effect.

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Where does the bell effect come from?

This concept takes its name from the famous adventure of Tinker Bell. In the story of Peter Pan, born from the pen of James Matthew Barrie then redesigned by Disney studios in 1953, Tinker Bell embodies a funny, courageous, intelligent, clumsy character… But in the marvelous tale, this little blonde fairy belonging to the imaginary world can only exist when we believe in it. It draws its magic from the belief in its existence. Thus, we then speak of the Tinker Bell effect to achieve one’s desires, such as one’s crush in particular!

How to attract your crush thanks to the Tinkerbell effect?

Getting a promotion, buying your first apartment… The Tinkerbell effect can be used in many situations, but social networks have made this phenomenon viral especially for finding and attracting love. In a few tips, users tell how to successfully seduce their crush using the Tinker Bell effect. For that, it would be enough to align the positive thoughts of his brain to his body. Thus, the brain will be able to send signals to the body. Example: if stress invades the thoughts before a first date, the body will respond with an accelerated heart rate and hands dripping with sweat. That’s all we don’t want! The goal here would be to condition your mind to send the right signals to the brain and therefore to your body, to make what you want come true.

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Can you succeed in attracting your crush thanks to the “Tinkerbell effect”?

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