What is this trick that can make your crush addicted?

Astrology is becoming more and more democratized in popular culture and, with it, many esoteric practices are emerging every day. Just as Sex magick would make it possible to obtain what one wishes thanks to an orgasm or even the manifest dating would make it possible to attract to oneself the ideal relationship, the whispering method would make it possible to seduce his crush simply by whispering and without even being in his presence…

Where does the whispering method come from?

Like many techniques which seem to have their effect today, the whispering method is a tip that is a big hit on TikTok. On the social network, the hashtag #witchtok has nearly 30 billion views, and notably includes anything related to protest. The manifestation, which can also be called positive thinking or law of attraction, requires expressing one’s desires by formulating and visualizing them. By imagining exactly what you want and sending back into the universe only concrete and positive thoughts of what you want, you put the odds on your side for it to happen.

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How to use the whispering method to attract your crush?

The whispering method, or whisper technique, is the one that is enjoying great success at the moment, with almost 4 million views. It would attract the attention of his crush and make this person think of us without even being together! All of this thanks to the vibrations that we would emit in the universe and focusing on the version of us that we would like our crush to see.

The first step is therefore to visualize the person that occupies all our thoughts and to imagine the place in which we think it is. For the whispering technique to be effective, you need a specific scenario, so the more details, the better. Then imagine approaching that person where they are and whisper three times in his ear what we would like it to do! Whether we want her to send us a message, propose a dinner or even fall in love with us…

To close the whispering method, you have to end this visualization by imagining thekiss on the forehead Before leaving. Important point not to be overlooked: do not express negativity or doubt, but believe that what one has asked for will happen. Be careful though, there is no time window regarding when your manifestation will take place, so don’t expect a message from your crush within the hour…

Does the whispering method really work?

Of course, none of this has been proven by science and we cannot guarantee that our manifestations will take place or when: everyone is free to believe it or not. The danger is to be frustrated if these do not come true when desired! But, if this technique allows some people to keep hope, why deprive them of it? And if ever your whispers in the ear don’t work, you can always send him a good old message… It’s up to you!

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What is this trick that can make your crush addicted?

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