Maud Baecker sexy: the star of Tomorrow belongs to us reveals herself in lingerie

Maud Baecker sexy the star of Tomorrow belongs to us

Usually very discreet on social networks, Maud Baecker surprised her subscribers. On Instagram this Thursday, November 10, the star of Tomorrow belongs to us posted a daring snapshot in lingerie. As temperatures begin to drop in France as winter approaches, Maud Baecker raised the temperature ! Usually not very active on social networks and very … Read more

Gerard Garouste. A painting belongs to whoever looks at it – Tribune Juive

Gerard Garouste A painting belongs to whoever looks at it

Gérard Garouste at the Center Pompidou, in Paris, during the opening of his exhibition, September 6, 2022. © Xavier Lambours/Signatures At the heart of a retrospective at the Center Pompidou, the second since 1988, the painter Gérard Garouste exhibits his conception of art as a game of signs and interpretation, where the viewer is at … Read more

Gérard Garouste: “A painting belongs to whoever looks at it”

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

85 Gérard Garouste is wary of qualifiers. “Artist” does not really suit him, and he calls himself a painter only because he produces and sells paintings. Rather, it invites a shift of attention to interpretation, independent of style. Because all art is, according to him, in the eye of the “onlooker”. He borrows this idea … Read more

The madness “Tomorrow belongs to us” has stopped in Belgium

Broadcast since 2017 on La Une, tomorrow belongs to us brings together an average of 225,000 followers per day on La Une, a Belgian broadcaster. Over the years, the characters of the soap opera have settled into the daily lives of viewers, practically becoming members of the family. This Saturday, five of the main protagonists, … Read more