The madness “Tomorrow belongs to us” has stopped in Belgium

Broadcast since 2017 on La Une, tomorrow belongs to us brings together an average of 225,000 followers per day on La Une, a Belgian broadcaster. Over the years, the characters of the soap opera have settled into the daily lives of viewers, practically becoming members of the family.

This Saturday, five of the main protagonists, Alexandre Brasseur, Franck Monsigny, Arnaud Henriet, Alice Varela and Charlotte Gaccio, left the city of Sète, where the series is filmed, to meet the lucky Belgian winners of a competition organized by RTBF and Auvio. The last hour interfered in the first autograph session which took place in Charleroi in the morning. A moment out of time when we measured the true effect tomorrow belongs to us on Belgian viewers.

On the Place de Digue, a wave of fans swept over Médiasambre. In the lead, Christelle, Audrey, Faustine and Anaïs, series enthusiasts. “We came from Tournai just to meet them”explains one of them. “We don’t yet know what we will say to them once in front of them. We will appeal to our spontaneity.”

“You don’t have extra tickets?, then launches a fan who is unfortunately not one of the winners of the contest. The latter came especially from Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont to try her luck. In vain… It will be for next time, probably in Sète where she goes every year to see the actors in their element.

Shortly before 11 a.m. the doors open. Fans are closer to their favorite comedians. “What to do now?” asks, impressed and a little confused, the first to go to meet them. “Put a little note in the hat!” responds with humor Arnaud Henriet, interpreter of Sylvain Moreno. “And can I have your 06?” then retorts the viewer.

Accessible, the five actors lend themselves to a long session of autographs and selfies. Little words, little attentions, they are spoiled by their fans who are in heaven.

All generations

family soap opera, tomorrow belongs to us speaks to all generations. For Maëlly, who turns 7 this Sunday, meeting the actors of the series is a kind of early birthday present. “We broke the news to him at the last minute this morning.not , explains Fanny, her mother, who traveled an hour and a half to make her daughter’s dream come true. But there are also Luna and Lola, two young fans aged 10 and 12 respectively. “I’m trying to come to my senses”launches the mother of one of them after the meeting.

At the exit, we see Cathy, a 45-year-old Carolo who finds that the actors are “As nice as on TV” but also Laurie, 32, who has not failed to immortalize those she follows on a daily basis and to whom she now feels even closer.

There is also Céline, a 25-year-old young woman who came with her mother, her brother, her aunt, but also her 84-year-old grandfather, François, whom she wanted to surprise by winning the competition. Mwe grandpa is a fan of tomorrow belongs to us since the beginning of the series. Like us, he never missed an episode. Besides, you should never call him at the time of the broadcast of the soap opera. He won’t answer! (laughs)says the granddaughter of the Marcinellois. VSt is a highlight for us because my father lost my mother, his wife, a year ago and he hasn’t been out of his house since. And there I saw him with stars in his eyesx , adds Nathalie, the daughter of François. With great emotion, the latter summed up his meeting with the actors in one word: “Unforgettable.”

Around noon, the actors left Charleroi to reach the Ardent City where a new signing session awaited them.

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The madness “Tomorrow belongs to us” has stopped in Belgium

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