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Between technology and witchcraft, Catalyst is the conjurer from Apex Legends brought with season 15. This Legend from elsewhere will be a real asset for your team, both his ability to control the map is excellent. Rather, Catalyst was designed to be defensive, but players who enjoy aggressive play will still be able to find … Read more

Apex Legends shows all the abilities of Catalyst, the protagonist legend of season 15

Apex Legends introduces its newest legend to society: Catalyst. The Season 15 main face will join the playable roster from November 1 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. We tell you about all his skills and his background. All Catalyst Skills in Apex Legends Tactic: Spike Barrier | Launches … Read more

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Who is Catalyst? Tressa Crystal Smith is not for everyone. Elegant and reserved, she appreciates crystals more than she appreciates people. She grew up on Boreas, an unstable planet with a waning moon. Compliance and efficiency were the watchwords, but Tressa never bought into them. She was more comfortable with her marginal friends, with whom … Read more