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Between technology and witchcraft, Catalyst is the conjurer from Apex Legends brought with season 15. This Legend from elsewhere will be a real asset for your team, both his ability to control the map is excellent.

Rather, Catalyst was designed to be defensive, but players who enjoy aggressive play will still be able to find their way around. With its abilities, you will be able to keep your enemies away, and engage in fights at a good distance. While at shorter range, your skills will bring your opponents to their knees and make life difficult for them.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through his abilities and the most optimal ways to use them to dominate your future games of Apex Legends.

Active: Piercing Band

Active Ability Band Piercing

When you activate piercing band, Catalyst throws a ferrofluid ball to the ground. On impact, it gives rise to a band of fluid that turns into spikes. This ability is extremely powerful. Once activated, the tape will never disappear unless you decide to remove it. If it does not fade over time, it is not indestructible: enemies will be able to destroy it, as long as they are close enough and that the heart of the puddle is revealed.

This skill is both offensive and defensive. On the one hand it slows down all the enemies that cross it (regardless of their number, they will all be affected); on the other hand it inflicts damage: your opponents take 15 damage per spike. You can therefore take advantage of its power to gain a little time in the event of a leak or put enemies down if you use it intelligently. For example, if you manage to lock opponents in a small room, you just have to throw one or two bands inside to drastically reduce their hit points.

Also, if you stand just behind a door, you can cast the spell on the ground, so that the band forms a cross with the door. This way, the ferrofluid will line both sides of the access. This should prevent an enemy assault, especially if you use Reinforcement in parallel.

Things to know:

  • Catalyst is immune to enemy spikes. You can take advantage of this advantage to pursue your prey easily, without having to take a detour.
  • Since the maximum number of simultaneous uses is set at 3, discarding a new tape will cause the first one to disappear. If you were counting on it to keep enemies away from a specific access, you will have to make a choice.
  • The less the band is visible, the more chance you have of hitting your enemies.

Passive: Reinforcement

Reinforcement Passive Ability

To use the skill Reinforcement, just stand next to the door or access you want to lock. Once activated, Catalyst deploys ferrofluid to strengthen the access in question. Any enemy who would like to enter through this door will have to take 4 melee hits to open it, while you and your allies can open it without problem. This additional fortification makes it easier for you to barricade in a building. In doing so, you can take the time to loot quietly. Beyond its practical side for equipping yourself, this ability is very useful for sheltering you while you regain your life or get a member of your team back on their feet.

With Reinforcement, new opportunities open up to you: even a structure whose doors have been broken can become a place of retreat or temporization. Ferrofluid mesh also works on already destroyed doors. However, a slight difference appears: it will only take 2 hits for your enemies to break the protection.

If it is already very interesting on its own, this spell can become even more powerful when associated with the skill of other Legends. In collaboration with Caustic, for example, you can lock enemies in a small room filled with poison to harm them. By the time your opponents manage to break down the door, they will have been greatly weakened by the poison. All you have to do is pick them at the exit…if they survive!

Things to know:

  • The reinforcement only affects the number of melee hits, the grenades will destroy the door directly without problem.
  • You can only have 2 reinforcements active at the same time. If you have to use a third one, you will have to sacrifice the first one, which will automatically disappear.
  • Reinforcement is purely physical and does not protect against scans such as Bloodhound’s.

Ultimate: Ironback

Ironback Ultimate Ability

When it comes to controlling a space, Catalyst can rely on its ultimate ability, namely Ferrobarrière. When she activates it, she spawns a gigantic wall of ferrofluid, which stays high for 15s. This wall does not inflict any penalties on your teammates, except that it breaks their line of sight. And that’s the whole point of this wall: reducing the field of vision! Not of your team obviously, but that of the adversaries who would have chased you. By limiting their visual information, you will have time to flee or revive a fallen comrade. This is all the more true, as this wall blocks all scans and prevents them from revealing your position.

If your team is immune to the effects of the wall, your enemies are not. Any opponent who tries to cross it will have their movement speed reduced, and will also be partially blinded. This skill will therefore keep enemies at a distance, but it is not an absolute rule. Many players will try to take you by surprise, even if they take a big risk.

Additionally, the Ferrofluid Barrier can reduce your alertness. The feeling of protection it provides is… just a feeling. Admittedly, the opposing players can’t see you, but that doesn’t stop them from shooting you since the bullets pass through. The same goes for grenades and other gadgets. Also, the wall does not have an infinite height. You will therefore have to keep an eye out for surrounding structures that could help your enemies take you over.

Things to know :

  • In a fight with other Catalysts, you could quickly be thrown off balance by all the walls, but also the piercing tapes on the ground. All abilities triggered by your ally have a more blue color. Remember this to avoid crossing an enemy wall stupidly and suffer the consequences.

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