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Who is Catalyst?

Tressa Crystal Smith is not for everyone. Elegant and reserved, she appreciates crystals more than she appreciates people. She grew up on Boreas, an unstable planet with a waning moon. Compliance and efficiency were the watchwords, but Tressa never bought into them. She was more comfortable with her marginal friends, with whom she practiced divination in crystals, moon rituals and witchcraft. This sisterhood made the turbulence of her adolescence, as well as the gender transition that accompanied it, much more acceptable and above all less lonely. However, when her closest friend went out of her way to stop a corporation from taking over their moon, Tressa found herself backed into a corner. She ended up running away to find solace in the place that mattered most to them: their moon, Cleo.

Tressa then rallied there terraforming teams committed to restoring and revitalizing the celestial body. It is in this context that she learned to interact with ferrofluids, which she manipulates like witches. She grew attached to her new community and, when things died down on Boréas, brought in some of her old friends. She had finally found a place where she truly felt at home…just when the Apex Games rolled in to rob her and her new family of it. But Catalyst wasn’t going to be eclipsed so easily. If the Apex Games got in her way, she would take this opportunity and pocket the reward in order to help her family. She sees victory in her future today, and she will take whatever steps are necessary to achieve it.

Catalyst Skills

Each Legend in Apex Legends has three unique abilities, categorized by tactical, passive and ultimate, allowing, depending on the predefined role, to protect and heal his teammates or inflict heavy damage on his opponents. Catalyst will, without a doubt, be a great help for your team to achieve your goals..


piercing tape

Tactical ability

Deploy a band of ferrofluids that turn into spikes when your enemies get close. Catalyst is immune to enemy spikes.



Passive ability

Reinforce the doors to consolidate them and block access to enemies. Destroyed doors can also be reinforced.



Ultimate ability

Erect a permeable wall of ferrofluids that slows and partially blinds enemies who pass through it for a short time.

Catalyst on video

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Apex Legends: Catalyst, presentation and skills – Apex Legends – GAMEWAVE

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