Suicide of Nino Ferrer: return to the tragic death of the singer who shocked the whole of France

On August 13, 1998, the suicide of Nino Ferrer shook the whole of France. To everyone’s surprise, he had decided to end his life close to home. A drama that still remains marked in the minds.

The singer never accepted the death of his mother

Several years ago, Nino Ferrer managed to mark the French with his incredible hits like “Le Sud” or “Mirza”. But his suicide also upset France.

It was in 1998 that Nino Ferret decided to end his life. In a field near his house, at a place called Lapaillade, he fired a gunshot into his chest. He had been having dark thoughts for a while now.

As a reminder, he never managed to recover from the death of his mother, Monette. She died two months before him. The singer has always felt responsible for his death.

Nino Ferrer’s wife, Kinou Ferrer, also explained that Monette had been living with her son since her husband’s death in 1981. Victim of stroke and cardiac arrest, she was in very poor health.

It was at 86 that she lost her life. She had a fatal fall while Nino Ferrer showed her around his facilities on his property. A tragic event that completely disturbed the artist.

Nino Ferrer depressed since the death of Monette

Very worried for her husband, Kinou Ferrer then asked a doctor to come and examine him. Plunged into a serious depression since the death of his mother, the author of “Gaston, there is the telephone which his”, did not leave his house any more.

Two days before his death, the doctor then prescribed anxiolytics to Nino Ferrer to treat depression. Euphoric because of the drugs, the latter had asked his relatives to call him “Don Nino Ferrer” at a party organized for his wife’s birthday.

But that’s not all. He had also dived without clothes in the swimming pool of their house. Something he had never done before. On the day of his death, he found a scheme to keep his wife away from him.

He therefore asked the latter to go and scatter Monette’s ashes in the garden of La Taillade. Once Kinou Ferrer did, he put on a jacket, a hat. And took away his shotgun with him.

Along the way, he has left farewell letters for his relatives. Once away from his home, he committed this act that took his life. His wife, meanwhile, died aged 74 on March 17, 2022.

” Life is Beautiful “

In an interview with Paris Match, Nino Ferrer had also confided in the death. Our colleagues had asked him if he believed in reincarnation.

He then replied: ” I am agnostic. I can’t seem to be convinced. However, I was raised in a practicing Catholic family. A family of really good people against whom I didn’t feel no need to rebel.

Nino Ferrer also confessed: “Honestly, I don’t know what to think. The time and materials available have made all possible chemical combinations occur an infinite number of times..

“And that certain conditions caused the appearance of life. This explanation seems logical to me. But when we try to look further, we wonder why. And how is it possible?.

“How could chance have achieved such a thing? Wouldn’t we rather be characters in a video game programmed by someone? But I find that living is wonderful in itself”.

Nino Ferrer then had concluded : “Whatever the answer, life is Beautiful. Well, if there’s something after that, that’s great. Glad that happens. Because it must be fantastic! And if there is nothing, well, too bad! For honor, for honor of life”.

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Suicide of Nino Ferrer: return to the tragic death of the singer who shocked the whole of France

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