Le grand suicide collectif de Poutine

Le grand suicide collectif de Poutine

Publié le 20 janvier 2023 – A + Parmi les nombreuses étrangetés qui signalent le conflit en cours, une des premières à avoir frappé l’opinion mondiale a été l’interdiction faite aux Russes de le qualifier de « guerre ». C’était, annonçait le Kremlin, une « opération spéciale », terme qui ne signifiait rien de précis et … Read more

Suicide Squad: KTJL Needs These Two Justice League Members | Pretty Reel

Suicide Squad KTJL Needs These Two Justice League Members

DC’s main superhero team, the Justice League, finally appears in the Arkhamverse in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but two members from previous iterations have yet to be confirmed. As the title suggests, Amanda Waller will task players with defeating DC’s greatest superheroes as they have fallen under the mind control of Brainiac, whose … Read more

jm | Assisted suicide: “We do everything to postpone death… and suddenly we want to hasten it? »

jm Assisted suicide We do everything to postpone death…

The Bishop of Langres Monsignor De Metz-Noblat was kind enough to speak on Emmanuel Macron’s project to revise the Leonetti law. Assisted suicide, in his eyes, is part of the desire to control everything, when you are not the owner of your life. jhm daily: before discussing the bill for the revision of the law, … Read more

Did Carla attempt suicide? Maeva Ghennam restores the truth!

Astrology The alignment of the stars tells us that these

Update March 4, 2021 at 5:16 PM by Iris Gobert Carla Moreau is at the heart of a scandal. According to the sensational revelations of her ex-best friend Maeva Ghennam, she would have used witchcraft to shine in reality TV. Zoom on this wacky machination. To read laterSavedFollow #scandal#scandal Followed This weekend, an astonishing story … Read more

Suicide of Nino Ferrer: return to the tragic death of the singer who shocked the whole of France

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On August 13, 1998, the suicide of Nino Ferrer shook the whole of France. To everyone’s surprise, he had decided to end his life close to home. A drama that still remains marked in the minds. The singer never accepted the death of his mother Several years ago, Nino Ferrer managed to mark the French … Read more