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Mathieu Paquette, The Canadian Press

Disillusioned nurses, abusive use of compulsory overtime, sinking ship: the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ) painted a gloomy portrait of the current state of the health network in Quebec at the time of presenting its demands elections on Saturday. This is why she is calling for a law on safe professional/patient ratios as soon as the next government takes office.

At a press briefing in Saguenay, the president of the FIQ, Julie Bouchard, did not hesitate to describe as “essential” the rapid adoption of such a law, which would guarantee the presence of a team at all times. minimal care for a given group of patients with similar needs.

“We can no longer leave such a large number of patients in the care of so few nurses and nursing assistants, regardless of whether it is in CHSLDs, in hospitals, youth centers or CSLCs”, pleaded Miss Bouchard.

“We must have a government that will really take charge of it and implement it as quickly as possible. This is the solution, for us at the federation, which would guarantee a minimum of working conditions, but also restore the profession.

According to the FIQ, the adoption of a law on safety ratios would be the most effective structuring measure to encourage nurses to join — or to stay — in the public network.

The union, which represents 76,000 members, believes that this solution would at the same time reduce the use of compulsory overtime and would make life easier for nurses in their work-family balance.

“The healthcare professionals are in distress, are exhausted, are disillusioned, but despite everything, they are still there. So we must not let them down, we must take care of them, added Ms. Bouchard. With a law on ratios, we will reduce the workload, but we will also create attraction and retention among healthcare professionals.”

Down with the TSO

The FIQ has been campaigning for a long time for the abolition of compulsory overtime, so it is not a surprise to see that this demand is also part of its “demands” to political parties during the campaign.

But the union is launching a broader call to improve all working conditions in the health network, as well as to put an end to the use of independent labour.

“We are left with appalling working conditions for those who are loyal to the public network, versus personnel placement agencies that not only offer better conditions, but also better pay.

“This phenomenon must stop. It’s a cancer for the health network,” denounced Ms. Bouchard.

The FIQ also wants to see the development of places in early childhood education services, commitments in the fight against systemic racism, as well as measures to act against climate change.

“Come see the lamentable state of the network”

With the election campaign set to begin on Sunday, the president of the FIQ invited all candidates, from all parties, to visit health establishments to better understand her union’s demands.

According to her, it is only by meeting the healthcare professionals who are hard at work in the field that politicians will really be able to become aware of the “lamentable” state of the network and the need to make significant changes. .

“It’s enough to let the health network collapse in this way and not to take into consideration the healthcare professionals who provide care there every day, to the very detriment of their family, but also of their health. physical and psychological. Regardless of the party, we call on all candidates to make health the priority during the campaign,” said Ms. Bouchard.

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The FIQ calls for a law on safe ratios in view of the election campaign – La Nouvelle Union and L’Avenir de l’Érable

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