Les Apaches de Paris: immersive theater to go from spectator to thug of the Belle Époque

Paris. 1907. Nestled in the heart of the Grands Boulevards, the Grévin café has just seen its allegiance capsize. The day before, two rival criminal gangs attacked the premises in an alliance of circumstance. In one battle, the drinking establishment was transformed into a headquarters for the “wolves of the Butte” and the “tombeurs de la Goutte d’Or”. The high is over, the liters of “fonds de culottes” (Suze-blackcurrant cocktail) are flowing freely and the red benches only admit thugs. Or rather the “Apaches”. And for a frenzied evening, they invite you to feast in their company. Without leaving scandals and betrayals under the carpet…

This is the adventure in which the show Apaches of Paris has been immersing you since April 2022. Between immersive theatre, themed bar, role-playing… This time machine in the sulfurous Paris of the Belle Époque has been calibrated by the collective Dream Sculptors. For around thirty euros (including two drinks at the period bar), the troupe of eight actors gives you an appointment to listen, write and rewrite their story at 8 Boulevard Montmartre. An hour and a half of entertainment, twists, offered by a rich and breathtaking scenario.

“You hate the police, work, and the bourgeois”. From the doorstep, cane in hand and beret on his head, the welcome of the leader of the gang of heartthrobs is crystal clear: “You Are Apaches”, intimate Charles. Beforehand, a name, a micro-role (cart driver, ragpicker, sandwich man…), as well as an allegiance (fallen, wolves, or neutral) were transmitted to the spect-actor. And once you have entered the Grévin café, with its dose of calva offered by the house, it is difficult not to get caught up in the game. Especially thanks to the flexible acting of the actors, who never leave the characters despite their improvisations. So how can you resist a divination session by the mysterious Maria, or an introduction to boxing with the brawler Marcel?

The subplots may multiply and sometimes become entangled, but the excitement remains contagious. More often active than passive, the groups of spectators will have to try to unravel a vile betrayal by embarking on many (in)quests. And the whole universe of Belle Epoque, thought out down to the smallest detail, perfect immersion. The one of Plittle newspaper dedicated to the Apaches placed on the tables, the portrait of the prefect Lépine glued to a dartboard, the early 20th century outfits of the actors…

Everything has been thought out by working with period documents, historians and archivists. Until apache song by Aristide Bruant (1895), who will remain in the lead even after the return to 2022 at the end of the session. Étienne, bartender-actor summarizes it at the end of the performance: “We were just extras tonight. You were the leading roles”.

The Apaches of Paris, immersive adventure, every evening from Tuesday to Saturday, Café Grévin, 8 Boulevard Montmartre, 75009, adult entry at 39 euros, group or student entry at 34 euros (all accompanied by two period drinks). Compulsory to be of legal age.

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Les Apaches de Paris: immersive theater to go from spectator to thug of the Belle Époque

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