Guided meditation: podcasts, apps, videos, 9 resources to get started

Do you want to start meditating but don’t know where to start? The easiest way to get started is to opt for guided meditation. Today, many free or paid resources are available on the web. Whatever your desires, there is bound to be one that is made for you.

While our rhythms of life are inexorably accelerating, as stress and anxiety spread at breakneck speed, many people want to slow down, take time for themselves. For all these people, meditation appears to be a key resource. A tool to reconnect with oneself, with others and with our environment.

Letting go, getting back to sleep, regaining self-confidence, fighting depression, calming your emotions, finding inner peace, adopting a benevolent attitude towards yourself and others or simply starting the day on the right foot… The types of meditation are numerous and their objectives are even more numerous.

But if the promises are endless, the path to get there is sometimes strewn with pitfalls. Indeed, if meditation is accessible to all, it requires real rigor. You must first start by taking time for yourself, which is not always an easy task. Then, you have to maintain a certain concentration, which is difficult for many of us.

To stay on course, guided meditations offer both amateurs and the most knowledgeable, audio sessions to follow from your sofa, public transport or even your bed. Here is an overview of the resources available to you.

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Guided meditation podcasts

It’s the magic of replay, thanks to the podcast, you can listen to the radio shows you missed anytime. Better, most of the time you can download them to take them everywhere with you. From the platforms (Podz., Spotify, Apple Podcast, Podcast Tracker, Ausha…), hundreds of free guided meditations are waiting for you. Here is a selection:

Time to Meditate, by Christophe André

A simple and playful introduction to mindfulness meditation taken from his book of the same name. Available from the website of France Inter. [En savoir plus…]

practice meditation

It is one of the most listened to meditation podcasts in France. It was created by chiropractor Moutassem Hammour and offers meditation exercises, but also interviews around various topics related to well-being and personal development. [En savoir plus…]

21 days to meditate

Created by the “Meditation of the National Personal Development Steering Committee of CJD France” group, the program aims to (re)discover mindfulness meditation in 21 days. [En savoir plus…]

Guided meditation apps

From your smartphone, dedicated applications also allow you to access a large number of guided meditations. Most of them are paid, but it can really be worth it if you decide to seriously commit to this learning. An investment that may motivate you to maintain some attendance.

Little Bamboo

It is undoubtedly one of the best known applications. It offers ten-minute meditations, but also a few 3-minute capsules called “Crisis of calm”, to react urgently to situations of great stress or emotional distress. [En savoir plus…]


The application offers various supports to improve sleep, relax and practice mindfulness meditation. Through guided meditations, music or narrated stories, find your calm. [En savoir plus…]


With pedagogy, Namatata gives you the keys to meditation. A step-by-step learning, without skipping steps to familiarize yourself in depth with the workings of meditation. [En savoir plus…]

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YouTube channels to get you started

On Youtube too, channels dedicated to guided meditation are multiplying. Through a large catalog of videos, they allow you to discover meditations related to everyone’s concerns. Here are a few :

Bubbles of Serenity

With more than 480,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Cédric Michel offers many guided meditations that combine tradition and modern techniques. [En savoir plus…]

Mike Meditation

Through his dozens of videos posted online, Mike Meditation invites you to let go and see life on the bright side through positive affirmation sessions on YouTube. [En savoir plus…]

Guided meditation

On this YouTube channel you will find many meditations guided by personalities such as Matthieu Ricard, Christophe André or Fabrice Midal. [En savoir plus…]

To learn more about meditation and its practice, go to our special meditation file.

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Guided meditation: podcasts, apps, videos, 9 resources to get started

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