Shape: a gym session at the beach

Follow the advice of sports coaches from Alliance Pornic thalassotherapy center (Loire-Atlantique) which offer you a 100% maritime health gym session.

1/ I tone my legs and improve my circulation

No doubt: nothing better to activate blood circulation than walk along the beach with all or part of your legs in the water. The combined movements of waves and walking, the freshness of the water provides a “boost” and boosts venous return. While allowing to muscle thighs and calves.


– Start by slowly rolling your foot from heel to toe. Pay attention to the sensations in the arch of the foot.

– Gradually increase the speed to a fairly fast pace.

– The right frequency: 20 minutes a day, twice a day.

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2/ I breathe deeply

To take full advantage of the sea air, it is important to clear and open the rib cage and to breathe deeply.


– Move one foot forward slightly and in this position find a good footing on the ground. The head is well aligned with the spine. The gaze is directed towards the horizon.

– Tie your hands behind your back. Then gently raise both hands to the sky, pull the shoulders back while breathing calmly.

– Feel a slight stretch in the muscles above the chest. Hold for 30 seconds then release.

To do: 3 to 4 times in sets of 5.

3/ I work on balance and motor skills

The rocks are a wonderful playground for children… but not only! They are also for adults an ideal place to strengthen balance and develop all the muscle chains rarely used. To take full advantage of it: one condition: to work arms and legs. And thus find a motor skills of quadruped.


– Choose a set of rocks that are not too difficult to climb but will require you to use upper and lower limbs as well. You must be able to bend down, get up, take support on your hands in the most difficult passages.

To do: depending on his mood and physical condition, there is no need to take risks.

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4/ I meditate with the sea

Faced with immensity, meditation takes on its full meaning. It makes it easy to (re)connect with nature and its senses.

– Make yourself comfortable on a rock or on the sand. Become aware of the immensity of the sea, the gaze does not catch on anything, it is finally rid of any object.

– Also become aware of the sound of the waves, of the undertow, on which you can place your breath. Feel the caress of the sun and the breeze on your face and all over your body.

– Gently perceive the marine scents without trying to identify the smells. Don’t force anything, just feel!

To do: five minutes every day, choosing the time when you will be really quiet.

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Shape: a gym session at the beach

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