Hauts-de-Seine: the inhabitants of a “haunted” building request emergency rehousing

They wrote to the mayor of the commune on May 23 to inform them of the supernatural phenomena they claim to witness. A “ghost” would be the source of strange noises, shadows and lights but also illnesses.

On May 23, a missive landed in the mailbox of the housing department of the town hall of Fontenay-aux-Roses, in the Hauts-de-Seine. It reports a request for “emergency relocation”, from ten inhabitants of an HLM bar in the Blagis district. Nothing abnormal and even less paranormal for the moment. Until the pattern is read.

The signatories, reveals The Parisian, argue in this letter that their building is “haunted”. From the 1st to the 5th floor of the same stairwell, they claim to feel “a presence”, to see shadows and lights, to hear strange noises…

“All the tenants concerned by this incident will be able to justify what they have seen, namely ghosts appearing in our apartments and in the building, plead the authors of the letter to the town hall. Following this, almost all the families are sick and affected with their children.”

“We believe in witchcraft”

Before her move in 2013, Gisèle did not believe in ghost stories. However, by dint of witnessing paranormal phenomena in his apartment, concern has set in.

“Chairs, plates moving on their own, light bulbs turning off and on on their own… These are scary things. Today, my 14 year old son is sleeping in my room because, at night, someone was tickling her feet,” Gisèle told BFM Paris Île-de-France.

Questioned by our colleagues, Souad, a resident whose son has been followed in psychiatry since a suicide attempt, defends this version: “I can be crazy, you can be crazy, but the whole building cannot be crazy”.

Another resident fully agrees with the existence of what some describe as ghosts and others as jinns, these supernatural creatures from Islam. “Compared to my beliefs, I know that things can happen. I am a Muslim. We believe in witchcraft,” he asks.

Even to the point, for some, of talking about it with an imam. Souad affirms that the latter advised him to pour salt on the threshold of his accommodation to ward off paranormal presences and to find comfort in the Koran.

The death of a tenant as a trigger?

Various residents establish a correlation between the supernatural elements they describe and the death, in April 2019, of a 72-year-old tenant in his apartment, which is still unoccupied today. A man presented as a mystic by the residents, who himself claimed to see ghosts.

For its part, the town hall says it is surprised at the number of letter signatories, but doubts that supernatural causes can justify the emergency relocation that residents are calling for. The mayor nevertheless plans to receive the concerned inhabitants.

“We take things seriously because it is a suffering that is expressed. […] We are going to get in touch with the lessor so that he can inspect the building”, explains the mayor.

The building concerned was already considered to be dilapidated, in particular because of the presence of asbestos. In any case, it is planned as part of an urban renewal plan that all of the 800 social housing units will be demolished and then rebuilt by 2030.

Florian Bouhot Journalist BFM Regions

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Hauts-de-Seine: the inhabitants of a “haunted” building request emergency rehousing

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