Manifest dating: what is this miracle technique to find the love that is all the rage? – Grazia

Should we trust the law of attraction to find love? The concept that it would suffice to desire something very strongly to attract it to oneself may seem completely surreal to the most Cartesian, but 71% of French people firmly believe in the power of positive visualization.

According to a survey conducted by the dating site Badoo in collaboration with Focaldata, 7 out of 10 French people are even convinced of having succeeded in achieving their ultimate crush thanks to the law of attraction. This last request to block all negative thoughts, to visualize only the ideal that we seek to achieve in order to motivate ourselves to act to create our own reality. “While today the world of dating should be made easier for singles, there are many obstacles that impose themselves and make everyone’s journey more complex: pressures, trends conveyed by social networks, or opinions controversies formulated by each other. Despite these inconveniences, we are convinced that the law of attraction inspires positivity and helps to understand what one is looking for”comments Florian Ramosglobal marketing manager at Badoo.

Manifest dating: how to find love thanks to the law of attraction?

For those who want to put their love life back in the hands of the universe and its good vibes, Badoo has partnered with Francesca Amberpersonal development coach, in order to develop a “Guide to the Law of Attraction”. Designed for singles who wish to enroll in this dating process, it is organized in 8 steps practices to follow “to positively create the desired love life”. “You just have to know what you want and put it forward, because that’s how you are most likely to get it”assures Francesca Amber.

Create the life you love, surrounded by friends, family, fun, travel – whatever you want. Start by living this life and only looking for a partner to complete it, improve it and share it with someone.

  • Set your intention.

Even if one is tempted to compare new experiences with previous ones, go to appointments with an open mind and a positive attitude. Let others show who they are, set their intention, and make it their goal to have fun.

  • Create a vision board.

In order to visualize the relationship that would please, create a table including a list of core values ​​and attributes that one looks for in a partner. Write a list of non-negotiable character traits that are deeply important to you. This allows you to clearly remember what caused the crack.

First, make space mentally. Voluntarily make a little space each week to let in what matters, then literally declutter your life and environment. Make room in your house and in your dressing room by getting rid of everything that no longer serves. The trick is to clear the space with the intention of only filling that space with the dating experiences you want to attract.

Visualization is a truly amazing Law of Attraction tool if used regularly. Visualize yourself in your ideal relationship, and try not to imagine how your future partner will look or behave, but rather how you will feel and what activities you will do together.

  • Become what you want to attract.

If you’re looking for a fitness-loving partner who loves the gym and working out, become one first. If you want an adventurous partner who hikes in the mountains every weekend and likes to travel, do that too! Embody what you want, because the human being is really a mirror that attracts back what he is, does and thinks.

  • Remember that a partner does not define you!

The partner doesn’t make the other person’s life better either. The happier you are in your life, confident in your qualities and able to grow and evolve with someone, the more success you will have in your encounters.

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Manifest dating: what is this miracle technique to find the love that is all the rage? – Grazia

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