The Ministry of Investment Promotion joins forces with Diplomacy to promote Destination Togo internationally

(Togo First) – In Togo, the Ministry for the Promotion of Investment (MPI) is coordinating with the Togolese diplomacy to promote the country as a land for international investment. On Thursday, December 22, Minister Rose Kayi Mivedor and her teams met with some thirty Togolese diplomatic representations around the world. Objective: to set up a framework of collaboration for the promotion of investments in Togo.

The annual meeting, in the form of a webinar, thus saw the participation of representations such as those based in France (in Paris), in England (in London), in the United States (in Washington), in Japan and in India.

“You are the international relays for the transmission of these reforms and actions implemented by the government to our international partner countries”, indicated the Minister, while insisting on the key words of this economic diplomacy, that must be “transparency, availability of information, facilitation”.

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“Our country is open to lasting partnerships, a favorable legal framework has been put in place with the law on PPPs which was adopted in December 2021. The reception, support and facilitation structures are present and operational. It is this message that I urge you to relay. »she added, while assuring that the Agency for the Promotion of Investments and the Free Zone (API-ZF) is pursuing reforms, to simplify the path for investors and strengthen transparency as well as confidence between administrations. public and investors.

“The agency is therefore your privileged partner for your information needs in order to ensure that our future partners and investors are aware of the many investment opportunities offered by our country. »

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The work notably enabled the MPI and its operational arm, the API-ZF, to brief the diplomats on the favorable framework put in place for the benefit of foreign investors, as well as the performance achieved by the various technical and financial supports so that embassies can organize activities abroad to attract investors to Togo.

Thus, in 2021, 38 projects were approved in the Free Zone and the Investment Code for a total amount of 277 billion FCFA, of which 58% in the form of FDI. The dominant sectors were Textiles, Wood and Construction, Agri-food, Mechanics and Services, according to ministry data.

This year, at the end of September, 24 new projects were approved, for an amount of 107 billion FCFA, of which 81.9% in the form of FDI and 25.3% in the form of IDN (national direct investment).

During the meeting, it was also a question of presenting the various poles of attraction of investments in the country, in particular the Industrial Platform of Adétikopé (PIA).

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“The PIA justifies its raison d’être with the attraction of 5 investment projects including 3 in the free zone and 2 in the investment code for an amount of almost 125 billion FCFA”said Rodrigue Akue-Atsa, adviser to the Ministry of Investment Promotion.

According to this ministry, other Roadshows, like those that took place in the United Kingdom, or with textile investors at the PIA, are planned for next year, in collaboration with various Togolese diplomatic representations. This, both outside to present investment opportunities in Togo, and on the territory.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi

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The Ministry of Investment Promotion joins forces with Diplomacy to promote Destination Togo internationally

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