Secret Story, Les Marseillais, Les Anges… What has become of the former reality TV stars?

Have you also forgotten these candidates who, at the time, had marked reality TV? Well know that we conducted a little investigation to find out what became of them!

We all have our little darlings in reality TV. Yes oh it’s ok, don’t pretend! You too, there is bound to be a candidate in all the TV shows that exist that you love or that you loved. And besides our favourites, there are above all personalities who become emblematic! As currently, if we talk to you about the Marseillais, you necessarily think of Julien Tanti, Jess or even Carla Moreau who recently announced her plans for her baby after leaving the filming of Marseillais vs the Rest of the World. But before this “new” generation, there are other candidates who have made the heyday of the small screen. We give you a little recap!

Julie Ricci (Secret Story 4)

You necessarily remember the bomb Julie Ricci. She had turned the heads of all the Secret Story 4 guys, including the viewers. But since then, the Lyonnaise has radically changed her life. She started her YouTube channel, she got married and had a baby.

Senna (Secret Story 4)

“It’s okay Senna” this is clearly the phrase we heard the most in the fourth season of Secret Story! Yes, Senna was also part of the cast and he was also under the spell of Julie Ricci, which created great tension in his relationship with Amélie Neten. After Secret, he tried his hand at singing in Les Anges, returned in season 9 and then finally stopped his television career. He has since returned to Belgium and converted to modeling!

Julia Flabat (Angels 4)

After being a temptress in the Island of Temptation, then a candidate in the Island of Truths, then in the Angels THEN in Hollywood Girls, Julia has definitely stopped watching TV (finally!). The former candidate has become a blogger/influencer. On the heart side, she is in a relationship with Eddy Papeo, who made an appearance in Friends Trip. They had a baby boy Edan and are getting married soon. In short, everything is fine for Julia!

Anthony Lyricos (Beauty and her princes)

“Anthooooony” ! Impossible to forget that one. Well know that contrary to what many may think, Anthony is living his best life. He opened a YouTube channel where he posts his musical covers. Well it does not exceed 2500 views but hey that’s already it…

Leila Ben Khalifa (Secret Story 8)

Ahhhh the beautiful Leïla… When she landed in Secret Story 8 everyone agreed to say how hot she was! But hey, that’s not all in life and behind this plastic hides a somewhat special character… After her love affair with Aymeric, the former candidate became co-host of Secret Story’s After. But unfortunately since then it’s been a blackout… It seems that she has decided to take back control of her modeling career in Lebanon!

Stephanie Durant (The Marseillais)

Don’t worry about her, she loves her life Steph! Since she decided to stop reality TV and leave her Marseille family, she hasn’t stopped! After opening her fashion blog, she launched into entrepreneurship with her darling Théo. They created the ready-to-wear brand The Clost Collection. In short, she is a long way from Steph aka the mama of the Marseillais and we must admit that we miss her a little…

Aurélie Van Daelen (Secret Story 5)

She was also part of the fifth season of the TF1 show and she made an impression with her strong character! After trying to become a host on the Mad Mag (yes, if you thought we had skipped it, it’s hard to know us) the former reality TV candidate no longer leads the same life at all. She (fortunately) forgot Raphaël Pépin and Geoff and had a baby with her darling. Exit TV, the Belgian is now an influencer and self-entrepreneur since she has created her own box! A real glow-up!

Cyril Paglino (Secret Story 2)

The best for the end ! No, we don’t say that just because he’s still as handsome as he was then, but because he’s one of those who have had the best success in their transition from reality TV. Following his participation in Secret Story 2, the former candidate immediately stopped TV and apparently he did well! He is now a businessman who is living his best life in the United States since he launched his own application. Just that !

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Secret Story, Les Marseillais, Les Anges… What has become of the former reality TV stars?

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