April 1, 2022 New Moon: The Boost We Needed

In unparalleled momentum, the new moon in Aries on April 1, 2022offers us the chance to launch new projects, without fear of failure.

“While most new moons are seen as opportune times to kick off a bold new chapter, this Aries new moon offers that tenfold feeling, like we’re on steroids. This is due, in large part, to the fact that Aries – ruled by Mars, the planet of energy – is so dynamic, action-oriented and always ready to go,” says Maressa Brown on InStyle.com.

Most of us will then be able to feel “more motivated, autonomous, playful, impulsive and determined to achieve our most ambitious dreams”. Just that.

April 1, 2022 New Moon: Draw New Life Paths

“The April 2022 new moon – also dubbed the “black” moon, as it is the second new moon in a month for those in the Pacific time zone, and the first of two new moons in April – brings all the new vibes, making it a great time to rest and take matters into your own hands,” explains Brittany Beringer, on Bustle.com.

A time suspended to reflect on our current projects, and anticipate those of tomorrow. “This energy will ignite a fire within us and inspire us to boldly chart new paths in our lives, according to Madi Murphy, co-founder of CosmicRx, relayed by Refinery69.

“Astrologically speaking, now is the best time to start new projects, form new relationships, and leave behind things that might be holding us back,” said theastrologer lauren ash to bustle. Especially since this new moon in Aries truly launches the renewal of the astrological year.

“Pioneering Aries is about taking risks and eliminating self-doubt. It means that the April 2022 new moon lays the groundwork for an overhaul of your self-esteem in order to cement your goals,” Brittany Beringer also explains. Because to dream bigger, you have to believe yourself capable of it.

Mercury is April Fools

Obviously, we cannot limit the effects of this new moon to its place in Aries. “One of the main planetary aspects of this new moon is a close conjunction between the moon and Mercury. The planet of communication moved into Aries on Sunday March 27, bringing a simpler, unpretentious and passionate – perhaps even combative – tone to the way we express our thoughts,” reveals Maressa Brown, the astro-journalist of instyle.

Be careful though, Lisa Stardust, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck warns us via the site Refinery.com. “Mercury is often known as a trickster. It’s important not to take pranks to extremes, if we ourselves don’t like being the turkeys of the prank,” she says. “Breathe, think about what you want to say, then react,” she advises.

It will also be noted the power of Mars, which pushes us to action, and Saturn, which loves a job well done. The union of the two “rewards hard work, so once you’ve set your new moon intention, the impending conjunction can spur you on to work hard.”

At last Jupiter and Neptune intensify the powers of our imagination. The two planets “approach a conjunction in Pisces, dreamy and ethereal, which will be exact on April 12th. This aspect, which has not occurred since 1856 and will not occur again until 2188, marks the beginning of an emotional, empathetic and mystical-laden cycle”.

New moon April 1, 2022: what effects on my astro sign?

This new moon will affect the different signs of the Zodiac differently, especially depending on the houses in which the new moon falls.

We start with the Rams, who will have to dare to communicate to see their projects progress.

Let’s go to bulls, who unlike most signs, should take advantage of this new moon to rest. It is also important to take the time for introspection.

What if you started a new project with your friends, Gemini? It is the right time !

The Cancer will be under the lights of the professional spotlight: with Jupiter and Neptune in their adventure house (9), they will have a better chance of making history.

Have a good trip Leos! To you the new lands and desires elsewhere: it’s the right time to book your summer vacation.

The virgins will have to fight their shyness to talk with their partner about their sexual desires and desires. The best way to go on the path of pleasure.

Lay the foundations of a project to better anticipate future inconveniences: here is what awaits the Scales.

Sort through your todo list, review your well-being routine: in short, the Scorpios, it’s time to do your inner spring cleaning.

Love at first sight in anticipation for the Sagittarians. Don’t forget to say what your intentions are so as not to get involved in a relationship that doesn’t suit you.

What if you changed your life, dear Capricorns? Moving, professional retraining… everything is possible. Listen to yourself!

Take a step back to adopt new perspectives on your daily life. This is the challenge that awaits Aquarius on this April new moon.

We end with the Pisces, who will have their finances in mind. Are you sure you are being paid your fair value?

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April 1, 2022 New Moon: The Boost We Needed

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