Soaring prices, inflation, war in Ukraine: how to deal with the heavy news of recent months?

Between the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the war in Ukraine, the explosion of energy prices and galloping inflation, it is difficult to cope with the news in recent weeks. We can see that anxiety is growing among Belgians, which is never good news at the gates of winter, a period that is often already complicated for many of us to live through. How do you find some peace in the middle of the storm? Here are some tips shared by our colleagues at Metro UK, who have checked in with wellbeing experts.

1. Move to find calm

Being serene also requires a healthy quality of life. What better way to do this than to get (back) into sport, starting with yoga. This discipline is much more than physical training, since it allows you to reconnect with a feeling of calm in the midst of a world that is much less so. “It allows you to change your perspective and focus on things you can control,” says yoga teacher Danielle Wills. Integrating this practice into your routine also allows you to give yourself a form of structure, which helps to reinforce its benefits. It is also in the morning that yoga will do you the most good, because it is the moment when nothing has yet been able to happen to you (theoretically) and you are therefore in the best possible position to empty your mind. spirit.

2. Focus on the inside

Directly related to the practice of yoga, breathing exercisestion can do you the greatest good. Doing a little meditation, a little yoga, but also a little pilates can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and promote a feeling of calm. “You will be able to improve your alignment, which helps balance the body’s energy systems. Thus, you will feel more centered, and you will naturally move towards what makes you feel good”, explains Mariel Witmond, also a specialist in the field.

3. Change your mindset

We are not used to having to deal with so many crises in such a short time, and it disrupts our habits in which we thrive. Becoming aware of them makes it possible to be less destabilized when they occur. Our mind works the same way as a web browser which, once it has too many tabs open, slows down or even overheats. So choose the crises you can handle, and focus on your locus of control, namely the crises you can have an impact on. We can only control what is within our reach.

4. Don’t confuse thoughts with facts

During this period, your mind will surely think and think about the worst possible and imaginable scenarios. Always remember thata thought is not a fact. It is essential to question one’s thoughts and issue other, healthier ones. This has an immense impact on the overall mood and emotions one experiences.

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Soaring prices, inflation, war in Ukraine: how to deal with the heavy news of recent months?

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