Narbonne: Yogapage, the rising Narbonne start-up

Good news for yoga enthusiasts. Yoga teacher in Narbonne, Guillaume Alexandre has developed an internet application to centralize all the knowledge of this age-old science. And more and more followers are using it.

“I really wanted to offer varied content, so that professionals, like individuals, could be guided in their yoga approach”explains Guillaume Alexandre, founder and president of Yogapage, a company supported by La FrenchTech and Innovéum Narbonne.

Yogapage was inaugurated in 2015, and the journey that preceded its creation remains atypical to say the least. Originally, Guillaume Alexandre worked for large IT companies. Nothing predestined him to become a yoga teacher. “In 2010, significant changes occurred in my life, and I felt the need to take a step back from a professional path that took me away from what my heart was telling me”, he continues. He then decides to leave for a trip of a few months in India and more widely in Asia, where he will wonder about his future desires.

On his return to France, a singular combination of circumstances led him to meet a renowned yoga teacher who opened the way to a professional retraining for him. During this training, an idea occurs to him. “I realized that modern means of communication could provide help to professionals in the sector. I thus began the development of an innovative, attractive, user-friendly and reliable application that centralizes information”.

A wide range of possibilities

Although rather intended for future yoga teachers and those in activity, it offers an incredible range of discoveries and learning for all. “I really wanted to offer a wide content to guide yoga teachers in their approach and very quickly, the interest also extended to individuals”, emphasizes Guillaume Alexandre. With Yogapage, you can easily design and share your yoga practices, learn about the science of postures, get ideas for your next class, and even find a yoga teacher near you!

More recently, the site published a study of a yoga text, entitled “Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras”, which addresses the functioning of the human psyche with one goal: that of well-being and freedom. “To make it really accessible to everyone, we use simple words and examples through teaching to read or listen to in podcast format”. There are no video courses on Yogapage, but in a few years he might actually look into it. “I’m really happy with the growth that Yogapage is taking. I see that it’s useful for individuals and professionals alike”concludes Guillaume Alexandre.

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Narbonne: Yogapage, the rising Narbonne start-up

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